March 25, 2023

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Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric

Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric


Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric is melt blown fabric treated by electrical treatmen via high voltage and makes itself with eletrostatic.

If so, the capture/filtration efficiency for dust/partical/verus will be increased much. Most of people have no idea about mask and how to choose a mask against COVID-19.



What is melt blown Fabric electret treatment?

What is melt blown Fabric/cloth electret treatment? This question is the most asked by melt blown fabric/cloth manufacturers.

The blind investment in the early stage caused some Meltblown cloth manufacturers to suffer extremely heavy economic losses.

The editor of SINO-Singapore Huamei Modified Plastics has compiled the information and discussed with you what is Meltblown electret treatment. Electret refers to a dielectric material with long-term storage of electric charges.

It has the advantages of high efficiency, low flow resistance, antibacterial, and energy saving. On the basis of ensuring the physical collision blocking effect of conventional filter materials, it adds electrostatic adsorption.


The electret treatment makes the filter material fibers charged, combined with the dense characteristics of the Meltblown ultrafine fiber material, so a large number of electrodes are formed between the charged fibers.

The charged fibers can not only attract most of the charged particles in the environment like a magnet, but also Part of the uncharged particles can be polarized, and then some pollutants with a smaller particle size can be adsorbed, and even nano-sized substances such as viruses can be electrostatically adsorbed or blocked by charge repulsion.

FDA also conducted some tests and the results show that the filtration efficiency of masks whose melt blown cloth withouth electrical treatment is less than 50 than masks with Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric.


Experiments have proved that after adding electret masterbatch, the electret effect of Meltblown cloth is greatly improved, and its surface charge density, filtration performance and antibacterial properties are significantly improved.

The main material of Meltblown cloth is polypropylene, which is a kind of ultrafine electrostatic fiber cloth, which can capture dust.

When droplets containing pneumonia virus come close to the Meltblown non-woven fabric, they will be electrostatically adsorbed on the surface of the non-woven fabric and cannot penetrate.


This is how this material isolates germs, dust, particles, virus. After the dust is captured by the ultra-fine electrostatic fiber, it is very difficult to be removed due to washing, and washing with water will also destroy the electrostatic dust collection ability. Therefore this mask can only be used once.


Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric Before Electrical Treatment

Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric After Electrical Treatment




Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric After Electrical Treatment






Electrostatic Melt Blown Fabric treated by high voltage, then with eletrostatic. Filtration efficiency increased much after that

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