July 14, 2024

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COVID-19: Born with antibodies Against Virus

COVID-19: Born with antibodies Against Virus

COVID-19: Born with antibodies Against Virus. Born with antibodies! Singapore pregnant women are infected with COVID in their families, but newborns are born immune or become major research evidence.

The 31-year-old Celine Ng-Chan (Celine Ng-Chan), who was infected with the COVID-19 during pregnancy, was cured and gave birth successfully, and finally waited for the mother-child reunion.

At the same time, the doctor also told her good news.

Her son Aldrin not only tested negative for the COVID-19, but also contained antibodies to the COVID-19 virus.

According to reports, this means that Aldrin was born immune to the new coronavirus!

COVID-19: Born with antibodies Against Virus

In March, Wu Can traveled to Europe with his parents, husband, and 2-year-old daughter, a family of five.

In March 2020, when the European epidemic broke out for the first time, the number of cases soared in an instant, and people who knew nothing about the COVID-19 were all infected unknowingly.

Wu Can’s family is one of them. After flying back to Singapore from Europe, Wu Can’s mother, Wu Can and daughter all fell ill.

However, Wu Can’s father and Wu Can’s husband, who traveled together, were not infected.


Wu Can was the first to feel uncomfortable. She woke up one day and felt a sharp pain in her throat, so she went to see the doctor. After the doctor performed a nucleic acid test for him, he diagnosed that she had been infected with the new coronavirus.

At this time, Wu Can has been pregnant for 10 weeks.


Wu Can’s 58-year-old mother is not as lucky as her. After she was diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia, her symptoms became more and more serious. After 4 months of hospitalization, she was sent to the ICU and is still tortured by the COVID-19.

Wu Can’s symptoms were mild and he was discharged after 2 weeks

But since then, Wu Can has spent every day worrying. She has been worried about whether the child in her stomach will be infected with the COVID-19 or will not develop well.


But another couple relieved her worry. 29-year-old Natasha contracted the COVID-19 at 36 weeks of pregnancy. She gave birth to her child at the end of April. The baby was very healthy after birth and tested negative for the COVID-19.

At the same time, many studies have shown that mothers are less likely to be infected with the COVID-19 and their children are also less likely to be infected.

So Wu Can waited until his son was born. On November 7, Wu Can’s son Aldrin was born at the National University of Singapore Hospital. He weighed 3.5 kg and looked very healthy.


What made her even more gratified was that not only was the child not infected with COVID-19 pneumonia at birth, but also had antibodies against the virus!

According to the doctor, this means that the child is immune to the new coronavirus. Even more amazing is that the COVID-19 antibody in Wu Can’s body disappeared, but her son Aldrin has the COVID-19 antibody.

“My doctor suspected that I passed the antibodies to him during pregnancy.”

However, according to Reuters, researchers have not found live viruses in the fluid around the baby in the womb. In breast milk, live viruses have not yet been found.

If Wu Can really passed the antibody to his son, then this would be a major discovery!

It can be said to be the latest evidence of mother-to-child transmission! It is a good thing and a bad thing.

The World Health Organization said that it is not yet known whether pregnant women with COVID-19 will pass the virus or antibodies to their fetuses or babies.

Therefore, the case of Ms. Wu Can will be an important research object.

However, according to documents published by Chinese doctors in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases in October, the COVID-19 antibodies passed from mothers to babies will decline over time.

Therefore, research on antibodies is still ongoing, and it is not known how long this COVID-19 antibody can last.

But this news is exciting to the world. Some people expect that one day human genetic recombination will be immune to the COVID-19.

However, there are also pessimistic views, saying that this is a decisive evidence of vertical transmission, and that antibodies can be transmitted from mother to child, so can the virus.