January 28, 2023

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COVID-19: Japese Government will pay vaccines for public

COVID-19: Japese Government will pay vaccines for public

COVID-19: Japese Government will pay vaccines for public. Japan passes a bill: the cost of COVID-19 vaccination is borne by the state

COVID-19: Japese Government will pay vaccines

Overseas Network, December 2nd. According to the Japan Jiji News Agency, the Japanese Senate held a meeting on the 2nd. At the meeting, the amendment to the Vaccination Law was unanimously passed. The content included that the cost of vaccinating the COVID-19 vaccine should be borne by the state and strive to promote vaccination early jobs.

This bill aims to promote free vaccination in Japan. The related costs are fully borne by the state, and the implementation entities are Japanese cities, towns, and villages. If health problems occur after vaccination, the state will reach an agreement with the pharmaceutical company, and the latter will compensate for it. The government subsidized the losses of pharmaceutical companies after the fact.

According to the Act, Japanese citizens are obliged to vaccinate in principle, but they are not obligated if the effectiveness and safety of the vaccine cannot be guaranteed.

The COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic continues to spread in Japan, and is currently showing a “third wave of epidemics” trend. Japan has reached an agreement with three companies in the United States and the United Kingdom to purchase vaccines for more than 145 million people. Earlier in the House of Representatives discussion, although the opposition parties questioned some of the provisions of the bill, it was passed smoothly and sent to the Senate for deliberation. Japanese media said that the bill passed smoothly with little suspense.