December 1, 2023

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COVID-19 Vaccine: Obama will vaccinate

COVID-19 Vaccine: Obama will vaccinate

COVID-19 Vaccine: Obama will vaccinate. Obama told to media: he will definitely get the COVID-19 vaccine and may be shown on TV

 Overseas Network, December 3, according to US media reports, former US President Barack Obama said in an interview that he “absolutely” will be vaccinated against the COVID-19, and he is considering getting it on TV or recording it.

According to CNN on the 2nd, Obama said in an interview with the satellite broadcaster SiriusXM that he believes that the chief infectious disease expert of the United States, Fauci, will definitely be vaccinated when a vaccine for people at lower risk of infection is launched. . “I have worked with Fauci, I know him and I completely trust him.” Obama said, “If he says that the vaccine is safe and can be immunized after vaccination, then I will definitely get it.”

Obama went on to say that he can be a role model for the people, “I may finally vaccinate on TV or record the process so that everyone can understand that I believe in this science.”

In the interview, Obama pointed out that many Americans, especially African Americans, are skeptical of the COVID-19 vaccine, but said that it is the vaccine that protects the public from polio, smallpox and other diseases. He also mentioned the upcoming new government in the interview, saying that Biden and Harris will allow more scientists and medical experts to participate in the epidemic response.