September 25, 2022

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Rumor:  Antibiotics can prevent COVID-19 infection

Rumor:  Antibiotics can prevent COVID-19 infection

Rumor:  Antibiotics can prevent COVID-19 infection. Can taking antibiotics prevent new coronavirus infection? Is there 1 vaccine that can prevent 12 types of cancer? Heart is uncomfortable, just endure it? “November “Science” Rumor List” is released, let’s hear what the experts say.

1. Rumor: The new coronavirus is found in the outer packaging of cold chain food, and frozen food cannot be eaten

Rumor content: Not long ago, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that during the traceability investigation of Qingdao’s COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic, live virus was detected and isolated from positive samples of imported frozen cod carried by workers.

This is the first time that the live new coronavirus has been isolated on the outer packaging of cold-chain food, and it has been confirmed that contact with the outer packaging contaminated by the new coronavirus can cause infection. It seems that frozen food can’t be eaten!

Interpretation of the truth: Frozen food can be eaten normally. First of all, the live virus discovered this time was isolated from imported cold chain foods, but not found in domestic frozen foods. The country has very strict new coronavirus nucleic acid tests on cold chain foods. According to the test data, no live virus has been found in domestic cold chain food.

Secondly, the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention pointed out that under certain environmental conditions, viruses on the surface of items may cause infections among susceptible contacts (mainly employees in related industries) who lack effective protection.

So far, no cases of consumers being infected by cold chain foods contaminated by the new coronavirus have been found. Therefore, the general public has a very low risk of infection from contact with or eating cold chain foods. In daily life, you should go to a regular supermarket to buy frozen foods. It is best to store frozen foods in sealed and independent packaging. Wash your hands promptly after touching frozen foods and eat cooked frozen foods, so as to effectively prevent infection.

2. Rumor:  Antibiotics can prevent COVID-19 infection

Rumor content: Some people believe that azithromycin, moxifloxacin, and cephalosporin antibiotics can prevent and treat new coronavirus infections.

Interpretation of the truth: There is no scientific evidence to show that the above antibiotics can prevent and treat the new coronavirus infection. Antibiotics (antibacterial drugs) such as azithromycin, moxifloxacin, and cephalosporins are not ideal drugs to deal with the new coronavirus. The culprit of the COVID-19 pneumonia is the new type of coronavirus, but because the virus has been discovered for a short period of time, no specific medicine has been developed yet.

Since the emergence of COVID-19 pneumonia, doctors have tried a variety of antibacterial drugs (including the above categories) in clinical practice, but they have not achieved satisfactory results. Antibacterial drugs are mainly for infections caused by bacteria and fungi. For infections caused by viruses, it is unscientific to take antibacterial drugs. If there is no combined bacterial infection, antibacterial drugs are not required.

The instructions for the use of antimicrobials in the latest edition of the “COVID-19 Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment Plan” of the National Health Commission of China are “avoid blind or inappropriate use of antimicrobials, especially the combined use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials.”

3. Rumor headline: 1 vaccine can prevent 12 kinds of cancer

Rumor content: Hong Kong MDX Medical Group released a “DCV vaccine”, an injection of 98,000 yuan, can prevent prostate cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer and other 12 or more cancers.

Interpretation of the truth: So far, there have not been any reports of government approval to promote this DCV vaccine. The merchant introduced the DC in the DCV vaccine, the abbreviation of dentritic cell, which is an important immune cell in the human body. The tumor target of the vaccine, WT1 gene (Wilms tumor gene 1), is a tumor suppressor gene.

At present, there are not many studies on WT1 gene-related tumor vaccines, but WT1 gene has many common problems with tumor vaccine antigens, resulting in many uncertainties in the effect of DCV vaccines. First, the WT1 gene is not only expressed in tumor tissues, but also expressed in cells of normal tissues. After immunizing the body with a vaccine prepared using WT1 gene as a tumor antigen, it is likely to cause very complex normal tissue immune damage, leading to autoimmune diseases.

Secondly, not all tumor cells highly express WT1 protein. Even if this type of vaccine may be used in some tumors, there must be strict indications for its application. In addition, how to determine that the vaccinators have acquired immunity to the above-mentioned 12 types of tumors after vaccination is also an impossible task. It is unscientific to predict the protective effect and scope of use of the DCV vaccine prematurely.

4. Rumor title: South Korean flu vaccine caused many deaths, and the vaccine had very serious side effects

Rumor content: Recently, the “flu vaccine caused many deaths” in South Korea has made people question the safety of the vaccine.

Interpretation of the truth: The Korean flu vaccine incident is not representative. Vaccines are active defense measures taken by the normal population to prevent certain infectious diseases. Safety is the most critical factor in whether a vaccine can be approved for production, and all countries have very strict approval of vaccines. Therefore, a qualified flu vaccine cannot have such large side effects.

In addition, before vaccination, you should consult a clinician and carefully read the vaccine instructions to determine whether you are a person who cannot be vaccinated, and clean the skin at the injection site. With the continuous improvement of modern medicine, the coverage, safety, and effectiveness of vaccines against diseases are also constantly being upgraded. Except for some incidents, vaccines have played a very important role in improving the quality of life of modern people and extending the average life expectancy. The role of.


5. The headline of the rumor: The heart is uncomfortable, just endure it

Rumor content: Many patients with coronary heart disease will say when they are hospitalized, “I usually get better, and I basically don’t take medicine! Don’t look at sometimes the heart is uncomfortable, but after a minute or two, I’ll be fine! All these years, nothing event.”

Interpretation of the truth: the heart is uncomfortable, and you “endure” yourself, which is harmful and unhelpful. The “heart discomfort” in the patient’s mouth usually refers to chest pain and precordial pain. The reason why some patients with coronary heart disease can “tolerate” it is because the onset of coronary heart disease angina pectoris is relatively short, usually only a few minutes, generally not more than 15 minutes, otherwise it may be a myocardial infarction.

The ischemia of cardiomyocytes will cause a series of compensatory mechanisms of the neurohumoral system, thereby improving coronary blood supply. When severe coronary artery stenosis occurs, this “self-rescue” effect is often greatly compromised, or even invalid, and the recurrent angina symptoms may induce plaque rupture, thrombosis, and myocardial infarction.

Therefore, in the early stages of coronary heart disease, especially patients who have experienced angina pectoris, they should actively receive regular treatment. It is best to actively intervene when high-risk factors of coronary heart disease are found to prevent and delay the appearance and aggravation of coronary artery stenosis.