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COVID-19: Russia Mass Vaccination in Moscow

COVID-19: Russia Mass Vaccination in Moscow

COVID-19: Russia Mass Vaccination in Moscow . Mass vaccination of COVID-19 in Moscow: The process is divided into three parts, which can be completed in ten minutes.

COVID-19: Russia Mass Vaccination in Moscow

China News Agency Moscow reported on December 5 that the 5th was the first day of mass vaccination against the COVID-19 in Moscow. The first people allowed to vaccinate were medical staff, teachers and social service personnel.

On the same day, the reporter came to the consultation-diagnostic polyclinic No. 121, where one of the 70 COVID-19 vaccination stations in Moscow is located. The gates and corridors here are posted with the words “Here is the COVID-19 virus vaccine” to facilitate vaccinators to find the vaccination station.


On December 5, local time, Moscow, Russia, the media filmed a woman vaccinated against the COVID-19.

The entire vaccination process is divided into three parts: first, the vaccination person needs to receive a form to fill in his personal information and physical condition, and then enter the diagnosis room, the doctor talks with the vaccination person, and measures his blood pressure, heartbeat, etc., to determine whether the vaccination person meets Vaccination conditions. After the above two parts are completed, the vaccinated person can enter another room and be vaccinated by a nurse.

The vaccine used in this vaccination is “Satellite-V”, the first COVID-19 vaccine registered in Russia. According to Russian President Putin, this vaccine has been produced or will produce more than 2 million doses in the next few days. Moscow Deputy Mayor Rakova said that vaccines are transported by refrigerated trucks and stored in dark and low temperature conditions. The reporter saw that all the vaccines in the vaccination station were stored in the freezer and only taken out before use.

The entire vaccination process can be completed in about ten minutes. After completion of the vaccination, the person will receive a certificate indicating the time of this vaccination and the time of the next vaccination. Usually, the next vaccination time is three weeks after the first vaccination. According to the second interim analysis of the “Satellite-V” vaccine phase III trial, 21 days after the second vaccination, the vaccine’s effectiveness can exceed 95%.


On December 5, local time, in Moscow, Russia, medical staff demonstrated the COVID-19 vaccine.

Moscow Mayor Sobyanin revealed on the 4th that 5,000 people had signed up within 5 hours after opening the online vaccination application on the 4th. According to news from Russian media on the 5th, a total of 1,897 people had completed the vaccination that day. Consultation No. 121-Chief physician Jezherinikov of the Diagnostic Polyclinic told reporters that many people came here today for vaccination. “This is very good, showing that people are aware of the necessity of vaccination.”

Jezherinikov said that he was very confident in the vaccine. “I had been vaccinated 2 months ago. At that time, I felt fatigue after the injection. This is a very normal physiological reaction. I am already exposed to the virus. Formed immunity”. Several people who came to get the vaccine also expressed their belief that the vaccine is safe and effective, “otherwise it won’t come”, and hope that more people can get the vaccine as soon as possible to stop the spread of the new coronavirus.

According to Sobyanin, in the next few weeks, with the arrival of a large number of vaccines, Moscow will expand the scope of vaccinations. In addition, according to Putin’s request on the 2nd, all Russia will start mass vaccination from next week.


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