July 23, 2024

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China’s COVID-19 inactivated vaccine approved in Bahrain

China’s COVID-19 inactivated vaccine approved in Bahrain

China’s COVID-19 inactivated vaccine approved in Bahrain. According to official sources from the Bahrain National Health Supervision Bureau, after G42 Healthcare (the exclusive distributor of Sinopharm Group in the Middle East and North Africa) submitted the relevant documents required for listing, the Bahrain National Health Supervision Bureau has formally approved the COVID-19 killer developed by Sinopharm. Live vaccines are registered and lauched in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


Bahrain’s National Health Supervision Bureau stated in an official notification that its decision to approve and use the Sinopharm’s COVID-19 inactivated vaccine was based on the clinical trial data of the vaccine in several countries, and the thorough review and review of these data by multiple authorities. Evaluation. The results of the Phase III clinical trial of this vaccine showed that after testing 42,299 vaccinated volunteers, the data showed that its effective rate was 86%, and the neutralizing antibody seroconversion rate was 99%, which can prevent 100% of moderate and Severe cases of COVID-19 pneumonia.

The Bahrain National Health Regulatory Authority has further verified the quality of this vaccine after reviewing the relevant scientific data on the development and production process of this vaccine and product stability. In addition, the Bahrain National Health Supervision Authority has also ensured that vaccine manufacturers fulfill their commitments to “follow the quality management practices of drug production” and “compliance with international pharmaceutical industry standards and the requirements of the Bahraini National Health Supervision Administration.”

In addition, the National Health Supervision Bureau of Bahrain also consulted the Bahrain Clinical Research Committee, which is composed of medical experts, researchers, scholars and doctors. The committee is also responsible for approving relevant clinical trials. The Bahrain Committee on Immunization also approved this vaccine to be marketed.

China's COVID-19 inactivated vaccine approved in Bahrain

It is worth noting that in September this year, the Kingdom of Bahrain participated in the Phase III clinical trial of the Sinopharm China Bio-COVID-19 Inactivated Vaccine. The Crown Prince of Bahrain took the lead in inoculating this COVID-19 vaccine as a volunteer. As part of the “4 Humanity” project, more than 7,700 volunteers in Bahrain signed up for vaccine clinical trials. Previously, the State Drug Administration of the Kingdom of Bahrain approved the emergency use of this vaccine based on preliminary results and provided the vaccine to front-line workers fighting the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic.


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