September 23, 2023

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AIDS detected after Australia COVID-19 vaccine

AIDS detected after Australia COVID-19 vaccine

AIDS detected after Australia COVID-19 vaccine. Live Science: After the COVID-19 vaccine developed in Australia, AIDS was actually detected? According to the Live Science website, the COVID-19 vaccine developed in Australia achieved satisfactory results in early trials, but it caused even greater embarrassment: some volunteers tested positive for AIDS after the vaccine. Affected by this, Australian officials said that they have cancelled a cooperative order for 51 million doses of vaccine.

AIDS detected after Australia COVID-19 vaccine

This vaccine was jointly developed by the University of Queensland and CSL Biotechnology. The results of an early trial of 216 subjects proved the safety of the vaccine, which can generate a strong immune response against the new coronavirus. However, some subjects tested positive for HIV.

The CSL statement stated that each test subject will be informed that their body may produce antibodies against the vaccine. However, it is unexpected that such induced antibodies would interfere with AIDS testing.

Analysis shows that this vaccine contains a small fragment of HIV used to improve vaccine stability. Some subjects can develop antibodies against these fragments, and therefore have a positive result in the AIDS test. Of course, subjects cannot be infected with HIV, because these are just harmless virus fragments.

Australian Minister of Health Brendan Murphy said that vaccines may be useful, but false positives for HIV testing will bring more confusion and distrust of vaccines. We do not want any trust issues. After canceling the order, the Australian government plans to increase orders from other vaccine companies, including AstraZeneca and Novavax.


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