September 23, 2023

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Nitroglycerin cannot be used in 6 situations

Nitroglycerin cannot be used in 6 situations

Nitroglycerin cannot be used in 6 situations.  As we all know, nitroglycerin is a life-saving medicine for angina pectoris, and it is even the only drug that has a very significant effect and can definitely relieve angina pectoris. But people who are not suffering from angina pectoris can use nitroglycerin.

Nitroglycerin cannot be used in 6 situations

The following 6 people cannot use nitroglycerin even when they have angina:

First, partial myocardial infarction

It is circulated on the Internet that it is irresponsible to swallow nitroglycerin for acute myocardial infarction.
First of all, acute right ventricular and inferior myocardial infarction is often accompanied by hypotension. At this time, nitroglycerin must not be used; there are some acute extensive anterior myocardial infarctions with cardiogenic shock, blood pressure is also very low, of course, nitric acid cannot be used glycerin.
At this time, antiplatelet therapy is needed for the first time to open blood vessels.

Second, hypotension

Nitroglycerin should not be used for hypotension caused by any reason; we usually tell everyone to rely on oral drugs for blood pressure reduction, and it is rarely said that intravenous infusion is used to reduce blood pressure; in clinical patients who need rapid blood pressure reduction, we generally prefer nitroglycerin; so any Nitroglycerin cannot be used for low blood pressure caused by the cause.

The blood pressure is lower than 90/60mmHg. At this time, even if the patient has a clear myocardial ischemia condition, nitroglycerin cannot be given, because the use of nitroglycerin may further reduce the blood pressure and aggravate the patient’s myocardial ischemia condition. We can only find the cause of low blood pressure as soon as possible, while solving hypotension, while trying to solve myocardial ischemia.

Third, glaucoma

This is the first lesson to understand nitroglycerin. Each of our doctors who uses nitroglycerin has a list in the mind, which clearly says “Glaucoma” is prohibited.
For glaucoma patients, especially those who have not undergone surgical treatment, the use of nitroglycerin can cause aggravation of the disease, causing side effects such as headache, nausea, and eye pain. When we encounter glaucoma friends who have angina pectoris, we can only use other drugs instead; but if only nitroglycerin is effective, we need to explain clearly to the family at this time, give up something, and protect the heart first.

Fourth, high intracranial pressure

For many patients with elevated intracranial pressure, nitroglycerin cannot be used, because nitroglycerin expands blood vessels in the head and causes aggravation of the disease.


Fifth, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy

Patients with obstructive hypertrophic cardiomyopathy must not use nitroglycerin, hypertrophic obstructive cardiomyopathy, which is obstructed by the filling of left ventricle blood and decreased diastolic compliance is the basic pathology. After using nitroglycerin, the cardiac afterload is reduced, the left ventricular filling is further reduced, and the left ventricular pumping is reduced; the preload is reduced, so that the pressure difference of the outflow tract when the left ventricular pumps is increased, the negative pressure effect is enhanced, and the obstruction is aggravated. The left ventricular pumping decreased and the condition worsened.

Sixth, nitroglycerin allergy

Any drug has certain allergies, so if you are known to be allergic to nitroglycerin, you must not take it.
Nitroglycerin is currently used as a first aid medicine for coronary heart disease, and it is basically the only first aid medicine. It is recommended that friends with coronary heart disease carry it with them, and they are prepared, but not all patients with coronary heart disease can use nitroglycerin. These 6 situations must keep in mind!

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