July 23, 2024

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High blood lipids from unhealthy life

High blood lipids from unhealthy life

High blood lipids from unhealthy life. High blood lipids are dragged out. The doctor advises that if you wake up two in the morning and insist on not two at night, your blood lipids will be better.

High blood lipids from unhealthy life

Physical examination found that blood lipids are high, and many people often sneer at it. What does it have to do with high blood lipids? When people get older, which one is not high blood lipids?

But the doctor said that the increase in blood lipids has nothing to do with age. Some people are very young, but their blood lipids are very high during the physical examination. Although some people are very old, their blood lipids are within the normal range during the physical examination.

It can be seen that age is not the decisive factor for high blood lipids. The increase in blood lipids is mainly related to unhealthy lifestyle habits. So, how can we stay away from hyperlipidemia?

  • First, insist on drinking plenty of water in the morning. After a long night, our body is very dehydrated, blood flow slows down, and blood lipid level will rise. When you wake up in the morning, insist on drinking plenty of water, the water can be diluted Blood promotes blood circulation. People who like to drink water usually control blood lipids better.
  • Second, insist on eating more vegetables and fruits in the morning. Vegetables and fruits are rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber can absorb fat, which is beneficial to the control of blood lipids. Vegetables and fruits are also rich in a variety of antioxidants, which are beneficial to anti-oxidants. Oxidize and scavenge oxygen free radicals.
  • Third, do not drink at night. Many people like to drink at night. They think that alcohol can dilate blood vessels and relieve fatigue. In fact, this is quite wrong. People who drink for a long time tend to have higher blood lipids and are prone to alcoholic fatty liver. , And even have a great impact on blood vessels.
  • Fourth, don’t eat too many high-fat foods at night. Some people say that high blood fats are caused by eating. This is not alarmist. Fried foods, animal offal, animal oils, fats, etc., are all high in saturated fatty acids and long-term intake. These foods can easily increase blood lipids.

Hyperlipidemia does not occur in one day or two days. It is caused by a long-term unhealthy lifestyle. Therefore, hyperlipidemia is actually dragged out. Many people do not pay attention to hyperlipidemia, but do not know that the three highs are often linked together. High blood lipids will lead to high blood pressure and high blood sugar. High blood lipids are very harmful to blood vessels. As time goes by, it is easy to induce atherosclerosis.

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