October 4, 2023

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Less 6g salt daily is crucial for your health

Less 6g salt daily is crucial for your health

Less 6g salt daily is crucial for your health. Eating less salt can keep people away from hospital beds! How much is 6 grams of salt? How much is “6 grams of salt” per day? your should know  the standard after reading it!

Table salt is a condiment that is inevitably used in life, and it is inseparable from cooking. However, eating too much salt will cause trouble to the body. The more salt intake, it will inevitably increase the body’s risk of hypertension, calcium deficiency, gastric cancer and other diseases; salt has added a lot of trouble to modern people, so “Salt control” must be something everyone must learn.

How much salt is safe to eat every day?

Appropriately emphasize the hazards of eating too much salt, including serious problems such as high blood pressure, calcium deficiency, and stomach cancer; don’t think that eating salt is a trivial matter, it actually determines the speed at which you lie down to a large extent.

Regarding the “daily salt amount”, I should know. The “World Health Organization” recommends 5 grams of salt per person per day, and the “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents” recommends that healthy adults consume no more than 6 grams of salt per day.

How much is 6 grams of salt? How to measure?

Use beer bottle caps to measure:

Take a beer bottle cap and take out the rubber pad. The amount of that bottle cap is “6 grams of salt”. The amount of salt we consume per day should be less than the amount of “a beer bottle cap”.

Less 6g salt daily is crucial for your health

Scientifically reduce salt, you should do this:

Keep in mind the “harm of too much salt”:

There is no doubt that excessive intake of salt will definitely increase the risk of certain diseases. Excessive intake of salt can increase blood pressure and increase the risk of osteoporosis, stomach cancer and other problems.

The more salt you eat, the closer you will be to these diseases; in your heart, you meditate on the “harm of too much salt” and limit salt at all.

Use “quantitative salt spoon”:

In fact, putting 5%-10% less salt in the ingredients will not affect the taste of the dishes; it is recommended that you use more “quantitative salt spoons” in your life to clarify how much salt you add to the dishes; in addition, you can use more garlic, Condiments such as chili, black pepper, curry, and vinegar add flavor to food and reduce salt intake.

Eat more fresh food and reduce the intake of pickled foods such as pickles:

Compared with pickles, sauerkraut and other sauces and preserved foods, fresh vegetables and fruits are healthier, with more nutrients, less salt, and a higher safety factor. It is recommended to eat more.

Just like vegetarian food, the same is true for eating meat; if you can eat fresh meat, it is not recommended to eat sausages, bacon, sauces and other processed meat foods to control the intake of salt and nitrite.

In the process of cooking and processing, it is healthier to “pull salt in the pot”

When cooking dishes, it is recommended to add salt when the ingredients are about to mature out of the pot. This can not only ensure the saltiness of the ingredients, but also control the intake of salt, which is a reliable move.

Eating salt is a very common thing, but eating too much will cause a lot of troubles to the body; strictly control salt, clarify the individual daily intake, limit the intake of high-salt foods, and adjust the details of life. Use wisdom to stay away from many chronic diseases and embrace a healthy life with practical actions.

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