December 1, 2023

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COVID-19: A hospital will award 500 US dollars to vaccinators

COVID-19: A hospital will award 500 US dollars to vaccinators

COVID-19: A hospital will award 500 US dollars to vaccinators. Will the COVID-19 vaccine be rewarded? A US hospital will award 500 US dollars to vaccinators. 

COVID-19: A hospital will award 500 US dollars to vaccinators
According to Columbia News Network, in order to motivate employees to vaccinate against COVID-19, Houston Methodist Hospital will provide vaccinators with a $500 bonus.

There are 26,000 employees in this hospital. Hospital President and CEO Marc Bloom said in an email that in order to thank each employee for their unremitting efforts in the most difficult year of 2020, a bonus of $500 will be distributed to employees in March this year. The criteria for obtaining this bonus include timely vaccinations against the COVID-19 pneumonia, as the obligation of medical workers to lead the community to fight the epidemic.

According to Bloom, hospitals, including employers of any organization, face universal problems in the process of vaccinating their employees. Currently the hospital has not carried out vaccination work, but most of the staff will eventually be vaccinated. Many companies still cannot force their employees to be vaccinated, but they have the right to require most employees to be immunized.

Currently, only 60% of U.S. adults say they plan to get vaccinated. African Americans have the highest level of suspicion of vaccines, and less than half of their willingness to get vaccinated. This may be related to the history of medical abuse by African Americans. . Political considerations surpassed vaccine safety considerations. The earliest black doctors in the United States established a special task force, and they are tracking vaccine development data. However, they concluded that they support the two vaccines currently distributed in the United States.

Some medical staff also don’t believe in vaccines. For example, Joseph Varon, director of the ICU at the Houston United Memorial Medical Center, said in an interview that many nurses in their units have obvious resistance to vaccines.

Is there a financial incentive to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

Robert Litan, a senior researcher at the Brookings Institution, said that adults would give vaccinated children candy as a reward. Then it is understandable to send money to vaccinated adults. There is no hard and fast indicator for how much it is, but it is estimated that rewards below $1,000 will not work.

At present, several serious adverse events have occurred in Pfizer vaccine, and one serious allergic event has occurred in Moderna vaccine. More experts believe that giving bonuses to vaccines will be counterproductive, which will make people think that vaccination poses a high safety risk.


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