March 29, 2023

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Tumor disappeared after COVID-19 infected

Tumor disappeared after COVID-19 infected


Tumor disappeared after COVID-19 infected. After 61-year-old advanced cancer patient was diagnosed with COVID-19, the tumor disappeared magically! Or start a new era of immunotherapy.

A miraculous terminal cancer patient has appeared! After being infected with the new coronavirus, the tumor in the body disappeared because of a blessing in disguise!

Tumor disappeared after COVID-19 infected
This amazing patient is in the UK. As shown in the picture above, the black area on the left shows that cancer cells have spread to many organs throughout the body, while the picture on the right shows that the tumor cells in his body have almost disappeared after four months.

The United Kingdom is the hardest hit by t COVID-19, with very many infected people. Recently, a mutant virus with an upgraded version of its infectivity has appeared, causing panic.

The COVID-19 virus poses a great threat to the elderly and patients with poor immunity, and cancer patients are the most serious. On the one hand, cancer patients are often in poor physical condition and are at greater risk of becoming severely ill after being infected. On the other hand, the COVID-19 significantly affects the normal work of the medical system, and many patients will delay treatment as a result.  

But just in the global fight against the epidemic, British doctors reported this magical case: After a patient with malignant lymphoma was infected with the new coronavirus, the tumor disappeared!

This patient is not young. He is 61 years old and has advanced cancer. He still had serious kidney disease. He finally had a kidney transplant but failed. He could only continue to do dialysis. Anyway, no matter from which perspective, they belong to the high-risk group.

Some time ago, he was admitted to the hospital again because of lymphadenopathy and weight loss. Unexpectedly, after an examination, it was discovered that he had Hodgkin’s lymphoma again, which was still at an advanced stage!

For example, in the PET-CT image on the left above, there are black things in many places, which indicates that there are active cancer cells everywhere in his body. Soon after he was diagnosed with an advanced cancer, he experienced breathing difficulties again and was hospitalized again. Then, the test was positive for the new coronavirus and the symptoms were very serious.

After staying in the hospital for 11 days, after his symptoms resolved, he was sent home to recuperate, because there were too many underlying diseases and he did not use any immune-related drugs during this period.

After four months in this way, the time to witness the miracle has arrived!  

CT showed that the tumor in his body had almost completely disappeared, and related tumor markers had dropped by more than 90%! The doctor is also confused. Is there such a thing in this world? The tumor was killed if nothing was done? Who is the credit for? Is it the new coronavirus?


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