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Glucosamine plus calcium can treat knee pain?

Glucosamine plus calcium can treat knee pain?


Glucosamine plus calcium can treat knee pain? The pharmacist refutes the rumor and makes it clear for you.

Glucosamine plus calcium can treat knee pain?

Many people have experienced knee pain, especially the elderly. At the same time, the elderly are prone to osteoporosis, which can cause bone pain, spinal deformation and even fractures. So these people will naturally experience knee pain. Linked with osteoporosis.

It is precisely because many people have this idea that recently there is a health product that has sold particularly hotly, that is, a compound preparation of Glucosamine and calcium tablets. It is aimed at people with knee pain, proclaiming “Glucosamine and calcium can save knee”. But in fact, not everyone is suitable for use, let’s look at the following analysis.


Knee pain in the elderly is more likely to be osteoarthritis than osteoporosis

Many people mistake knee pain for osteoporosis, but in fact, most knee pain is not caused by osteoporosis, and the real cause is osteoarthritis. With age, long-term weight-bearing activities of the knee joint will gradually cause meniscus wear, lubrication in the joint cavity, knee joint degeneration, etc., coupled with the infiltration and stimulation of inflammatory factors, will cause the knee joint Problems such as pain, fatigue, and limited mobility appear.

Osteoporosis is a systemic disease characterized by reduced bone mass and damage to the microstructure of bone tissue, which leads to increased bone fragility and prone to fractures. Therefore, the etiology of knee joint pain and osteoporosis are different. Two different diseases.



Glucosamine is a natural amino monosaccharide, which can stimulate cartilage cells to produce proteoglycans with a multimeric structure, improve the repair ability of cartilage cells, and promote the repair and reconstruction of cartilage matrix, thereby delaying The disease of osteoarthritis progresses, so Glucosamine can be used for osteoarthritis in various parts of the body including the knee joint.

A large number of research results show that long-term use of Glucosamine is very safe, so the US FDA also approved it as a food health product. But as for its effectiveness, due to the inconsistent conclusions of different studies, so far its effectiveness in the treatment of osteoarthritis is still controversial.


Glucose plus calcium is not suitable for everyone

From the above analysis, we can see that Glucosamine is helpful for knee pain caused by knee arthritis, while calcium tablets are mainly used for osteoporosis, so Glucosamine plus calcium is not suitable for everyone. If the knee pain is caused by simple knee arthritis, it is sufficient to choose a single prescription of glycosaminoglycan. It is not necessary to supplement calcium at the same time. After all, price is one of the factors, and more importantly, in the absence of calcium Long-term calcium supplementation may also cause problems such as hypercalcemia and constipation.

And if the bone density is determined to be diagnosed as osteoporosis, in addition to calcium supplementation, vitamin D is also needed at this time, and Glucosamine is obviously not suitable for osteoporosis.

But some people say, what if I have both of these conditions? If knee arthritis and osteoporosis exist at the same time, of course, you can choose Glucosamine plus calcium, but the premise is that you need to be diagnosed by a specialist first, instead of taking it blindly.


To sum up, if you are financially rich and want to protect your knee joints, it is recommended that you choose pure Glucosamine  as a health care product, but if there is no calcium deficiency or osteoporosis, do not blindly choose Glucosamine plus calcium Of compound preparations, after all, money is a trivial matter, and good health is the most important thing.


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