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Pancreatic cancer: less than 6 months from diagnosis to death!

Pancreatic cancer: less than 6 months from diagnosis to death!

Pancreatic cancer: less than 6 months from diagnosis to death! Must pay attention on these symptoms.

Pancreatic cancer: less than 6 months from diagnosis to death!

The 55-year-old patient was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He checked the Internet and was shocked, because this cancer was called the king of cancer, and the survival rate for more than five years was very low.

The doctor told the patient that pancreatic cancer is indeed called the king of cancer, mainly because of its three main characteristics. It is difficult to detect in time in the early stage and is often at an advanced stage when it is diagnosed. The cancer has metastasized very early and has five years. The above survival rate is very low, and the cancer treatment effect is very poor.

For this reason, although pancreatic cancer is not the most common malignant tumor, it is the king of cancer.

Among the patients with advanced pancreatic cancer we received, the average survival time was often less than 6 months, that is, from diagnosis to death, often less than 6 months.


The question is, since pancreatic cancer is so terrible, what symptoms should we pay attention to?

First, upper abdominal pain is accompanied by lower back pain. Pancreatic cancer can cause upper abdominal pain, but it is easy to be misdiagnosed as stomach disease, because from the anatomical position, the pancreas is behind the stomach, but unlike the stomach, pancreatic cancer Easily transferred to the nerve plexus of the peritoneum, causing radiation pain in the lower back.

Second, jaundice, the pancreas is divided into the head of the pancreas, the neck of the pancreas, the body of the pancreas and the tail of the pancreas. The head of the pancreas has the highest incidence, and the head of the pancreas is adjacent to the common bile duct. , Causing jaundice, the typical manifestations of jaundice are yellowing of the skin and sclera, itching of the skin and sclera, darkening of urine, and clay-like stools.

Third, indigestion, loss of appetite, weight loss, the pancreas is an important digestive gland of the human body, which can secrete a variety of digestive enzymes. When pancreatic cancer comes, due to abnormal secretion of digestive enzymes, patients often suffer from indigestion and loss of appetite, leading to weight loss. Appear.

Fourth, there is a sudden increase in blood sugar. The pancreas is an important endocrine gland in the human body and can secrete insulin. When pancreatic cancer comes, it is easy to cause abnormal insulin secretion, which will lead to increased blood sugar.


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