June 2, 2023

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Czech wants EU to approve China or Russian vaccines

Czech wants EU to approve China or Russian vaccines


Czech wants EU to approve China or Russian vaccines.  Due to supply problems, “vaccine nationalism” spread across the European continent. The European Union and the United Kingdom, which are clinging to Western vaccines, have fallen into a “meshed”, while Serbia, which is relying on Chinese vaccines, has won the highest coverage in Europe in one fell swoop.

Czech wants EU to approve China or Russian vaccines


Although the European Medicines Agency (EMA) has not given the “green light” to the Sino-Russian vaccine, Hungary, which recognizes the situation, has taken the lead in approving its use. Seeing Hungary’s “road change speeding up”, the Czech Republic is also eager to try.

According to Reuters, on the 5th local time, Czech Prime Minister Babis, who was visiting in Hungary, said that the Czech Republic may refer to Hungary’s practice and use COVID-19vaccines that are not registered in the EU to speed up vaccination. He said that he and Merkel also discussed this issue, “Merkel clearly called for the Chinese and Russian vaccines to be approved by the European Medicines Agency.”

“Of course, the question now is whether vaccine manufacturers require approval,” Babis added. “If we get the vaccine, of course we want to consider the same approach as Hungary, because time is of the essence.”


Currently, European Union countries are facing the liquidation of their vaccination plans, and the vaccination speed is far behind the United States and the former European Union member Britain. Hungary is the only EU member state that has approved the emergency use of the Sino-Russian COVID-19 vaccine so far. Other member states have followed in the footsteps of the European Medicines Agency and only approved three vaccines produced by Western companies.

The Czech authorities have insisted until Friday that the European Medicines Agency approve the use of any vaccine in the country. Before visiting Budapest, Hungary, Prime Minister Babis said that his goal is to discuss Russia’s “Sputnik V” COVID-19 vaccine with Hungarian Prime Minister Orban.

On February 2, the internationally renowned medical journal “The Lancet” released a research report that the effectiveness of the Russian “Satellite V” COVID-19 vaccine can reach 91.6%.

The clinical trials of Russian vaccines have caused disagreements in Europe: people from many countries have called on the EU to introduce Russian vaccines as soon as possible, and Hungary has already taken the lead in introducing Russian vaccines; however, most EU countries are hesitant to introduce Russian vaccines.

Today, Russia has shared data from its phase III clinical trials with regulatory agencies in many countries, and has begun to submit EU approval applications to the European Medicines Agency. China’s Sinopharm and Kexing two vaccines have exported millions of doses each, mainly to developing countries.

The Czech Republic has one of the highest infection rates and death rates in the world, with nearly 17,000 deaths among the country’s 10.7 million population. So far, the people of this country have received more than 300,000 doses of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna, mainly for citizens and health workers over 80 years old. It is expected that the first batch of vaccines they order from AstraZeneca will be issued on Saturday. goods.



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