November 30, 2022

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You should stay away from 3 behaviors although Infecting HPV ≠ cervical cancer

You should stay away from 3 behaviors although Infecting HPV ≠ cervical cancer


You should stay away from 3 behaviors although Infecting HPV ≠ cervical cancer.  If HPV positive, does it really have to be infected with cervical cancer?

After breast cancer, cervical cancer has become the second most common malignant tumor in women.

The occurrence of cervical cancer is inseparable from HPV (Human Papilloma Virus).

Studies have shown that more than 90% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV high-risk infection, which means that if you are infected with HPV, the risk of cervical cancer is also higher.


Is HPV positive, does it really have to be infected with cervical cancer?

Many women will feel regret after the test report shows that they are HPV positive. Why didn’t they go to Hong Kong and Macau to get the HPV vaccine earlier? Even some imaginative women have fantasized about what is behind them.

But in fact, HPV positive is not as scary as everyone thinks. The fact is that most people have been infected with HPV. According to data, about 80% of adult Americans are infected with HPV at least once in their lifetime.

Most infections are one-off and can be eliminated by their own immune system. Patients will not have obvious symptoms. Even if nothing is done, 90%-95% of HPV viruses will pass through the human immune system. Automatically clear.

Therefore, in most cases, even if HPV is positive, it will not cause cervical cancer.


Cervical cancer is generally related to these 3 behaviors

It is necessary to know that the formation of cervical cancer is a relatively long process.

From HPV infection to the onset of cervical cancer, the entire process takes about several years. During this period, it will be affected by many factors. As long as the patient can deal with it in time, the possibility of final cancer will be relatively low.

Therefore, patients should pay attention to observe their own health in normal times, and try to stay away from the following three behaviors to avoid the problem of HPV virus infection.

You should stay away from 3 behaviors although Infecting HPV ≠ cervical cancer



1. Sexual confusion

It is understood that the main way of transmission of the HPV virus is through sexual contact.

If the patient’s sexual life is chaotic in normal times, such as having too many sexual partners and frequent, etc., the possibility of HPV infection will continue to increase.

In addition, if the patient has been infected with the HPV virus, but continues to have sex without restraint, it will not only lead to persistent HPV infection, but also may cause the patient to be cross-infected with other viruses, leading to a gradual deterioration of the disease and eventually cervical cancer. The problem.

Therefore, patients should appropriately exercise restraint in their sexual life and pay attention to personal hygiene.

Once the problem of viral infection has appeared, it is necessary to stop sexual life immediately to avoid speeding up the spread of the virus.


2. Smoking and drinking

Long-term smoking and drinking are the main factors that cause HPV infection.

It is understood that if the patient has the habit of smoking and drinking alcohol in normal times, the chance of contracting the HPV virus will be higher than other people.

Specifically, tobacco contains a large amount of carcinogens, which will affect the immune function of body fluids and cells, thereby inhibiting tumor suppressor genes, making patients more vulnerable to HPV virus invasion and increasing the risk of disease.

As for alcohol, like tobacco, it also contains a lot of harmful substances. Regular intake will hinder the patient’s blood circulation, leading to the problem of condyloma acuminata.

Therefore, it is best for patients to quit smoking and alcohol in their daily lives.


3. Do things that hurt your immunity

Whether HPV infection will eventually evolve into cervical cancer, one of the most important factors is the patient’s immunity.

Studies have shown that the immune ability of the body’s cells plays an important role in resisting HPV infection. If the T lymphocytes in the patient’s body are damaged, it is easy to cause HPV infection.

At the same time, in normal times, if the patient has not paid attention to the hygiene of the private parts, and always eats some irritating foods, then the vagina and cervix will become more fragile, which will increase the chance of HPV infection.


I also need to remind everyone that there is currently no treatment for the HPV virus itself.


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