October 4, 2023

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Most people with liver cancer have these 4 characteristics

Most people with liver cancer have these 4 characteristics.


Most people with liver cancer have these 4 characteristics. If you have one, you need regular check-ups.

These four types of people, or they are easily “entangled” by liver cancer, need to be taken seriously!In recent years, the incidence of cancer in some countries has continued to increase, with an average of nearly 4 million newly diagnosed cancer patients each year!

Not only that, although a lot of money and manpower have been invested in cancer research, there is still no major breakthrough in cancer treatment, and new drugs have certain side effects and drug resistance.

However, cancer patients who have entered the advanced stage have more difficulty in controlling their condition and the mortality rate is quite high. 

Most people with liver cancer have these 4 characteristics.

In particular, certain cancers that are highly malignant and difficult to detect early have a higher mortality rate. For example, hepatocellular carcinoma is one of them.

Therefore, the significance of prevention and early detection of liver cancer is far more important than advanced treatment!

According to the clinical information, the following four groups of people are at high risk of liver cancer. 


See a doctor  soon  if you are among them:

1. Patients with chronic liver disease:

In all patients with chronic liver disease, more than 90% of patients have been diagnosed with HBV infection, and this virus is the clinically called hepatitis B virus.

In addition, nearly 70% of patients with primary liver cancer also appear on the basis of liver cirrhosis, especially patients with hepatitis B combined with cirrhosis, hepatitis C with cirrhosis, and alcoholic liver disease are high-risk groups of liver cancer.

Once chronic viral hepatitis, alcoholic liver disease or liver cirrhosis occurs, but he does not have active scientific treatment, hepatic cancer may find himself after repeated damage to liver cells and DNA mutation in the later period;


2. People who are too frugal:

For example, those who are reluctant to discard moldy and spoiled grains or nuts, often buy inferior edible oil or peanut butter, and continue to eat such as edible oil that deteriorate, will increase their own contact with aflatoxin b1 Possibility.

This is a very strong carcinogenic and toxic substance, its toxicity is even more than 68 times that of arsenic. Once long-term intake of aflatoxin in a small amount will cause liver cell damage, even a 1 mg dose will meet the carcinogenic standard;


3. Family history of liver cancer:

Family history is an important risk factor in the high incidence areas of primary liver cancer in some countries. The factors behind the clustering of liver cancer families are related to heredity.

According to epidemiological survey data, the next generation of recessive alleles with liver cancer risk will increase the possibility of liver cancer.

In addition, some genes are genetically inert, carrying low-activity thi, and high-activity th2 cytokine genes, which are also related to liver cancer;


4. People who drink heavily for a long time:

Alcohol is a typical carcinogen. Many studies and experiments have confirmed that alcohol has great carcinogenicity to the human body, including gastrointestinal cancer and liver cancer.

Alcohol damages the liver in many ways. Long-term alcoholism can induce alcoholic liver disease and alcoholic cirrhosis.

At the same time, the metabolite “acetaldehyde” in alcohol is also toxic. It can cause cell damage, induce cell DNA mutation, and increase the possibility of cancer.

The more people who drink heavily for a long time and who have alcoholic liver disease, the greater the risk of cancer in the later stage.

Most people with liver cancer have these 4 characteristics.

We need to remind everyone that people at high risk of liver cancer will not definitely get liver cancer, but they have a higher risk of cancer compared with other people.

But even so, we cannot relax our vigilance against liver cancer. It is necessary to carry out liver cancer screening regularly as recommended by doctors. This is the only way to detect early liver cancer.




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