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Three stages from Gastritis to Gastric Cancer

Three stages from Gastritis to Gastric Cancer


Three stages from Gastritis to Gastric Cancer.   Keep away from Gastric Cancer, two kinds of foods are best off the table.


A 55-year-old woman went to the hospital for repeated abdominal distension. After examination, she was quickly identified as chronic atrophic gastritis. The doctor recommended that Ms. He must be actively treated and regular physical examinations, because chronic atrophic gastritis is a precancerous lesion .

During gastroscopy, many people have chronic gastritis, some people have chronic non-atrophic gastritis, and some people have chronic atrophic gastritis. Some people worry that the doctor, after a long time, will chronic gastritis turn into What about stomach cancer?

In fact, it is possible.


1st Stage:

The first stage is chronic non-atrophic gastritis, also known as chronic superficial gastritis. Most people’s gastritis belongs to this type of gastritis. So, does chronic superficial gastritis need special treatment? If there are no symptoms, no Helicobacter pylori infection, no special treatment is needed, only dynamic observation and regular review.


2nd Stage:

The second stage, chronic atrophic gastritis, chronic atrophic gastritis is more severe chronic gastritis, with gastric mucosal epithelium and glands atrophy, the number is reduced, the gastric mucosa becomes thinner, the base layer of the mucosa is thickened, or accompanied by pyloric gland metaplasia and Intestinal metaplasia, or chronic digestive system disease characterized by dysplasia. It often manifests as dull pain, fullness, belching, loss of appetite, weight loss, anemia, etc. in the upper abdomen. The reason why chronic atrophic gastritis is called precancerous lesions is that it has a high risk of malignant transformation.


3rd Stage:

The third stage, gastric cancer, is divided into early, middle and late stages according to the progression of cancer cells. Early gastric cancer refers to cancer cells that are confined to the mucosa and submucosa. Late cancer means that cancer cells have metastasized far away. .

Stomach cancer does not happen all at once. If you get a stomach disease, you need treatment for one third and nourishment for the seventh. How can you keep it up? Maintaining healthy eating habits is essential.

First, pickled food, pickled food is rich in nitrite, nitrite combined with protein, will form nitrosamines, which is a strong carcinogen, long-term eating can easily induce the formation of gastric cancer.

Second, smoked foods are different from pickled foods. Smoked foods are rich in carcinogens, benzopyrene. Long-term consumption can also easily induce gastric cancer.

To have a better stomach, three meals a day must be regular, breakfast must not be skipped, you can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, pay attention to supplement high-quality protein.




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