October 4, 2023

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Is it breast cancer if finding a lump in breast?

Is it breast cancer if finding a lump in breast?


Is it breast cancer if finding a lump in breast?  The breast can feel a lump, not necessarily breast cancer. Breast hyperplasia and breast fibroma also have lumps.

   “The breasts always hurt, and I can feel the lumps. Isn’t it because you have breast cancer?”

   “I heard that breast hyperplasia will develop into breast cancer?”

The more you talk, the more scary you are, and the more you talk, the more you panic. Breast lumps are like a time bomb, which makes many women worry all day long! But breast lumps must be breast cancer?

Let’s first take a look at the causes of breast lumps!


01. Lumps caused by breast hyperplasia

Is it breast cancer if finding a lump in breast?

Breast hyperplasia is the most common cause of breast lumps. The lumps caused by hyperplasia are mostly irregular and relatively soft.

The lumps caused by breast hyperplasia are usually accompanied by breast pain. A few days before the aunt’s visit, there will be obvious breast swelling and pain, the lumps will increase, and the lumps will shrink or even disappear when the aunt goes away. Breast hyperplasia is not a tumor or inflammatory change, it is a benign breast disease.


02. Lumps caused by breast fibroma

Is it breast cancer if finding a lump in breast?

Tumors of breast fibroids are generally regular round, with relatively tough texture, greater mobility, no adhesion to the skin, and no obvious tenderness.

Breast fibroadenoma generally grows very slowly, less than 1 cm in a year. Breast cancer fibroids are also a common benign breast disease, the most common in women aged 20-25, and the best treatment is follow-up observation.



03. Lumps caused by mastitis

Is it breast cancer if finding a lump in breast?

There are two types of lumps caused by mastitis, breast lumps caused by lactation and lumps caused by non-lactating period.

·Breast lumps caused by lactation

Lumps of breast-feeding mastitis are mostly caused by milk stasis, usually with obvious tenderness, the local skin of the lump is red and the texture is hard; after the milk is unblocked, the lump will disappear, and the pain will also disappear.

·Lumps caused by non-lactating period

The lumps caused by non-lactating mastitis may be related to the autoimmune system, bacterial infection, breast trauma, and so on. Most of them are sudden lumps, most of which are painful, hard texture, abscesses, and recurring conditions. This needs to be carefully differentiated from lumps caused by breast cancer.


04. Lumps caused by breast cancer

In the early stage of breast cancer, there is generally no obvious discomfort, the patient has no pain, the shape of the mass is irregular, the texture is hard to the touch, the boundary is unclear, the mobility is relatively poor, and the local skin may have orange peel or dimples.

Therefore, not all breast lumps mean breast cancer, and breast cancer is not only a feature of breast lumps. After discovering a breast lumps, you need to go to a doctor for related examinations to determine the nature of the lumps. Don’t make any guesses for yourself. Anxiety and anxiety will outweigh the gains.

In addition, breast cancer patients must have regular breast examinations under the arrangement of their doctors. Regular examinations are also very important to prevent recurrence!



1. Breast self-examination: Everyone should have a breast self-examination every month.

2. Breast color Doppler ultrasound: check the recurrence and metastasis of the contralateral breast, the affected side of the chest wall and the drainage area of ​​the lymph node.

3. Mammogram: Check the uninvolved breast, which will be prescribed by the doctor.

4. Breast MRI: the examination when patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery or other imaging examinations need to be supplemented


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