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Energy drinks cause a 21-year-old young man heart failure

Energy drinks cause a 21-year-old young man heart failure


Energy drinks cause a 21-year-old young man heart failure.  A 21-year-old young man drank energy drinks for two years, causing heart failure! The doctor issued a warning

Whether it is an office worker, a student party, or a fitness group, many people choose to drink a bottle of energy drink to relieve fatigue when they are depressed.

However, a case recently published in the journal BMJ Case Reports has sounded a wake-up call for energy drink lovers. Because drinking a lot of energy drinks is likely to cause heart failure.

In this case report, the doctor recorded the condition and treatment of a 21-year-old male patient. After 4 months of indigestion, heart palpitations, shortness of breath and weight loss, the young man was finally admitted to the hospital for treatment and sent to the intensive care unit. After a series of examinations such as blood tests and electrocardiograms, the doctor confirmed that his heart and kidneys had failed, and he was serious enough to consider organ transplantation.

In the process of searching for the cause, the doctor discovered that the young man had a special habit that lasted for two years: drinking 4 cans of 500 ml energy drinks every day.

It is understood that each can of this energy drink contains 160 mg of caffeine, taurine and other ingredients. This means that the man consumes 640 mg of caffeine every day.

The doctor analyzed that considering the patient’s long-term consumption of energy drinks and no related medical and family history, the cardiac imaging results showed significant improvement in cardiac function after stopping the intake of energy drinks for a period of time, so energy drinks are most likely to cause cardiotoxicity.

In addition to this case report, there are also several articles and reviews highlighting the growing concern about the potential cardiovascular hazards of energy drinks. The man’s case report adds new evidence that energy drinks are potentially harmful to the heart.

So, why does the excessive consumption of energy drinks have such a serious impact on the body? The author of the report believes that caffeine’s overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system may be a factor. In addition, energy drinks can also raise blood pressure and cause abnormal heart rhythms.

“A clear warning should be provided about the potential cardiovascular risks of large amounts of energy drinks.” The author emphasizes that because energy drinks are easily addictive and can be easily purchased by minors, they should have more impact on the body. the study.


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