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What factors cause asthenospermia?

What factors cause asthenospermia?

What factors can cause asthenospermia? What should you pay attention to and prevent in life?

When a man wants to become a father-to-be, he starts to pay attention to his sperm quality. If he encounters asthenospermia, then this fertility is really a problem, so what factors can cause asthenospermia? What should I pay attention to and prevent in life?

1. Sedentary

Sitting for a long time without exercise, especially for people sitting in front of the computer, radiation will directly affect the growth of sperm, and sitting for a long time affects the heat dissipation of the scrotum, which is not conducive to sperm production.

2. Smoking and drinking

Tobacco and alcohol have a great impact on sperm. Nicotine in cigarettes and alcohol in wine can damage sperm quality. In severe cases, it can also cause symptoms such as oligospermia, asthenospermia, and death of sperm.

3. Insufficient endocrine hormones

The endocrine hormones in the normal human body are the main source of sperm nutrition. The production and development of sperm rely on endocrine hormones to provide nutrition, so the lack of endocrine hormones will seriously affect the production and development of sperm.

4. Testicular dysfunction

Testicular dysfunction is divided into congenital testicular dysfunction and acquired testicular dysfunction, such as: congenital testicular loss, acquired injury, will affect the spermatogenesis function of the testis.

5. Effects of other drugs

Men who use tranquilizers and sleeping pills for a long time can cause spermatogenesis disorders and low sperm motility. Such drugs can significantly inhibit sperm production.

6. Anti-sperm antibodies

Anti-sperm antibodies are a common immune factor. Anti-sperm antibodies can affect the function of sperm fertilization in different ways, and reducing sperm motility is also one of them.

7. Varicocele

Varicocele not only affects sperm production, but also reduces sperm motility. In severe cases, it can cause death syndrome.

8. The seminal plasma lacks trace elements such as zinc, copper and magnesium

Trace elements such as zinc, copper and magnesium are related to the quality of semen. The content of zinc in seminal plasma is much higher than that in plasma. People suffering from asthenospermia. The zinc, copper and magnesium elements in the fine oar are significantly lower than normal men.

9. Lack of enzyme or reduced enzyme activity

Enzymes and other trace elements are closely related to sperm movement. If enzyme elements are lacking due to some reasons in life and work, sperm motility will be low.

10. Autosomal sex chromosome aberrations

The influence of chromosomal abnormalities on sperm is particularly obvious. From sperm number, sperm motility to sperm motility, it is an important factor that causes male asthenospermia.

11. The semen is not liquefied, and the semen is highly viscous

This is an important factor that limits sperm motility, because the non-liquefaction of sperm leads to a small space for sperm movement, which is controlled. The high viscosity will make the sperm fibers connect together and prevent the sperm from moving forward.

12. Testicular hydrocele effusion

Hydrocele or blood stasis in the testicular cavity can lead to impaired spermatogenesis in the testes.

13. Congenital lack of ciliary structure

Patients with congenital lack of ciliary structure will cause the cilia on the cilia cells in the body to be unable to move, and it will also cause the sperm to be unable to move.

14. Radioactive exposure

Such as X-rays, in addition to affecting sperm, it also has great harm to the human body.

15. Reproductive tract and gonad infection

Such as: prostatitis, epididymal disease, mumps, etc., genital tract and gonad infection can reduce sperm motility in many ways, such as: Mycoplasma, Escherichia coli and other microorganisms infect pathogens.

In this way, in addition to some disease factors, the more important reason is some bad living habits. It seems that when you have bad living habits, the prospective dad will become a problem~


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