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Big Lie: Wine could clear blood vessels and cure insomnia

Big Lie: Wine could clear blood vessels and cure insomnia


Big Lie: Wine could clear blood vessels and cure insomnia. These effects are deceptive!

Many people think that drinking Liquor hurts the body, and drinking wine is good for health. There are many legends about wine, such as drinking wine can beautify, sleep peacefully, increase longevity, protect the heart and so on.

In fact, as long as it contains alcohol, it will be harmful to the body, and all these effects of wine are not reliable!


01.  Wine cures insomnia? Quite the opposite!

When the saying “drinking a glass of  wine before going to bed can treat insomnia” came into being. Indeed, many people become drowsy after drinking  wine and fall asleep quickly. But this is not the special effect of  wine, but alcohol. You will also be drowsy if you drink other wines.

Alcohol makes people’s sleep lighter, easy to wake up in the middle of the night, sleep intermittently, people’s sleep quality drops instead. As a result, symptoms such as headaches and poor spirits are prone to occur the next day. Relying on  wine to help sleep for a long time may worsen insomnia.



02. Can  wine beautify? Do more harm than good!

There are rumors that drinking  wine can play a beauty role. wine does contain resveratrol, anthocyanins, tannic acid and other ingredients, which have a certain beauty and beauty effect.

But the content in a bottle of  wine is extremely limited, how much  wine you have to drink to have a beauty effect.
In fact, these ingredients can be obtained by eating other foods, such as peanuts, veratrum, mulberry, and grapes which contain resveratrol; blueberries and grape seeds contain anthocyanins; and many kinds of fruits contain tannins.


03. Wine prevents heart disease? Speculation!

It is said that because people in some countries love to drink  wine, and there are relatively few people suffering from cardiovascular disease, it is just a guess that  wine can prevent heart disease. No matter what kind of wine it is, drinking alcohol will not be good for the heart. For people with cardiovascular disease, drinking alcohol can increase the risk of atrial fibrillation and even cause stroke. In addition, there are nearly 800,000 people with cancer every year in the world who drink alcohol!


04.  Wine relieves headaches? Beware it hurts more!

There is also a saying that drinking  wine when you have a headache can relax the body and relieve the headache. In fact, this is completely wrong. If you have a headache, drinking alcohol is more likely to cause headaches.

The main cause of headaches caused by drinking is the alcohol in the wine. Too much alcohol leads to lack of water and breaks the balance between water and essential nutrients in the body. In addition, ethanol has the effect of dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure. The expansion of blood vessels in the brain after drinking causes headaches.


05. Drinking alcohol in moderation is good for your health? does not exist!

Studies have pointed out that a small amount of alcohol can slightly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and female diabetes, and GBD data studies can also confirm this view. However, no matter how much alcohol you drink, it will increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as atrial fibrillation, heart failure, fatal hypertension, fatal aortic aneurysm, and there is no so-called “safety threshold” for drinking in these diseases. It is said that as long as you drink it in your mouth, the risk of disease is higher than that of healthy people who do not drink.


Big Lie: Wine could clear blood vessels and cure insomnia

Alcohol intake is positively correlated with all-cause mortality, the more you drink, the faster you go!

More importantly, the beneficial effects of a small amount of drinking are only reflected in some cardiovascular diseases. In studies on endocrine diseases, liver diseases, and tumors, no matter how much the amount is, drinking is a completely harmful factor. Therefore, even if it has a certain protective effect on the cardiovascular system, drinking alcohol will cause damage to other organs.

On the whole, the health benefits of a small amount of drinking are negligible, and compared with all the hazards and risks, it can be said that they are not worth mentioning.

In addition, it is difficult to control “small amounts” for drinkers. If the daily intake of pure alcohol is less than 10 grams (a can/bottle of beer or a small glass of  wine), the risk will only increase by 0.5% compared with not drinking, but the current so-called moderate drinking (20 grams) will cause The risk of death has risen by 7%, and the risk of drinking more will rise even more.

Drinking alcohol in moderation is good for health, and the view that has been widely believed for many years is time to be rewritten:


The analysis of the largest sample of 28 million people in the world confirms that drinking in moderation is good for health and does not exist at all!


Finally, tell everyone that the benefits of  wine are not credible, as long as it contains alcohol, it will definitely damage the body, so don’t be deceived by various ” wine health” theories!




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