December 8, 2023

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How to diagnose whether a child has autism?

How to diagnose whether a child has autism?


How to diagnose whether a child has autism?  If you find that your child is abnormal, you must find it early and intervene early.

How to diagnose whether a child has childhood autism? Children with autism have many complicated symptoms. Some children may never learn to speak, or they may have delayed language development.

There are other children who cannot understand what others are saying, nor can they interpret the emotions of others. They are also not interested in most things, and may only repeat some simple actions. Living in their own world, how can they be diagnosed with autism? Autism is so terrible and the incidence is high. Many people will definitely worry about it. Is the child autistic? 

Early recognition of autism:

The difficulties and challenges faced by an autistic family are unimaginable, and they need to understand and be considerate.

It takes courage for autistic patients to integrate into society and adapt to social life.

For autistic families, what can be done is early detection, early intervention, and early treatment.



Pay special attention to whether young children have the following symptoms:

  • No (less) look, abnormal eye contact, weak eye contact;
  • No (less) response, no response to the name, ignore it;
  • No (less) refers to the lack of proper body movements, and will not nod or shake the head to indicate need or no;
  • No (less) language means that most of them have language delay and developmental regression;
  • Improper, inappropriate use of objects, playing with toys, always rotating and arranging objects.


Developmental Early Warning Signs and Autism Screening Scale are used for early screening of autism for children aged 0-3 who have undergone a physical examination. Autism is a kind of congenital developmental disorder, and it will have corresponding manifestations in infancy, but because the baby’s abilities are not fully developed, it is difficult to identify it, and the diagnosis is usually made at the age of 3.

If you find that your child is abnormal, you must find out and intervene early. The golden period of child intervention is 0-6 years old. If the golden period is missed, the effect of intervention will be greatly reduced. Parents need to pay attention.

The families of children with autism have to fight against this disease that is not cured by drugs for their entire lives. They need the support of society too much. It is hoped that more social friends can receive and assist children with autism, realize each child’s right to education, and ultimately help children enter the school and integrate into the society through the tolerance and strength of education.



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