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What are 4 major misunderstandings in recovery period of breast cancer?

What are 4 major misunderstandings in recovery period of breast cancer?

What are 4 major misunderstandings in recovery period of breast cancer?  There are also some precautions during breast cancer recovery, and patients should remember to pay attention to them.

Breast cancer rehabilitation is a long-term and long-lasting process, which requires the patient’s persistence and patience, as well as certain medical knowledge. Four misunderstandings of breast cancer rehabilitation, how many do you account for?

▌Blind pursuit of treatment

Breast cancer treatment methods include surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, etc., but it is not suitable for all patients. Some patients feel anxious because they have not performed one of the steps. The blind pursuit of treatment has promoted the deterioration of the condition.

What are 4 major misunderstandings in recovery period of breast cancer?

01 Blindly pursue multi-course radiotherapy and chemotherapy

The forced pursuit of radiotherapy and chemotherapy will not only fail to achieve the original hope of “cure”, but will worsen the condition. The side effects of overtreatment are likely to be fatal. For example, the patient’s white blood cell is too low to insist on chemotherapy, resulting in severe bone marrow. inhibition.

Once the body is worn down, it is often necessary to pay more treatment methods and treatment costs, which will increase the physical and mental burden of the patient.

02 Blindly pursue “general doctors” and non-prescription ideas

Due to the development of online channels, small advertisements of “general doctors” and “recipes” of unknown origin are flying all over the sky. Under the influence of various marketing methods, patients are easily fall into marketing scams and give up formal treatment, which often delays their illness.


  • There is currently no evidence that folk prescriptions are effective in the treatment of breast cancer. Most of the remedies are shared by “general doctors” of unknown origin, and have not been scientifically verified, and the related side effects are not clear. “Recipes” do not save lives, and may even accelerate the progression of the disease due to various side effects.
  • Therefore, patients must not believe in the so-called folk remedies and secret recipes. Once they are taken by mistake, they will regret it too late! If you need TCM treatment, please go to a regular hospital for dialectical analysis of TCM before using the medicine. It is necessary to pay attention to the side effects of traditional Chinese medicine during treatment, especially when it is taken for a long time, to monitor the liver and kidney function.

▌Big tonic during the recovery period, relying on health care products

Many breast cancer patients always feel that they have just gone through a major operation and their vitality is severely injured. They must find something to replenish their body to save. This kind of thought that sounds very friendly to the body, but the body is really incapable of accepting it!

Common examples

Breast cancer patients who have just undergone surgery have reduced organ function and weakened digestion and absorption capacity. The most common ones are poor appetite and even nausea and hiccups. At this time, if you eat too much tonic food, it is very easy to cause indigestion, aggravate the obstacles of gastrointestinal digestion and absorption, and further aggravate anorexia.

Therefore, for postoperative patients, especially those who are still in treatment, it is best to follow the principle of a balanced diet and refrain from blindly pursuing supplementary foods to increase their physical burden.

Some patients will ask if they can eat health products during the recovery period?

What needs to be clear is that no health care product can treat diseases, so health care products cannot be used as medicines. When you see those health care products that promote the treatment of XX diseases, they are false advertisements, decisively pull the black report!

Attention should be paid when using health products:

Health Products≠Drugs

Health products are foods. They are not medicines. They can only play a role in health care. You must not interrupt your treatment process just because you eat health products. This often outweighs the gains.

Choose health products carefully

For cancer patients, it is necessary to choose health care products carefully, especially during the medication period, whether health care products, dietary supplements, etc. affect the efficacy of the therapeutic drugs. Patients should be treated with caution, follow the doctor’s advice, and evaluate the choice of health care products from a professional perspective.

▌Excessive frequent review

The ultimate goal of review is to monitor the effect of treatment in order to find changes in the condition. However, over-frequent re-examinations affect recovery mood on the one hand and make patients more likely to be anxious; secondly, if the check-up interval is too short, it is difficult for doctors to find subtle changes in the report, which increases the difficulty of diagnosis and the rate of misdiagnosis.

 Breast cancer review recommendations

  • 2 years after surgery, usually follow-up once every 3 months;
  • 3~5 years after operation, follow-up every 6 months;
  • More than 5 years after operation: Follow-up every 1 year until life.

If there are abnormal symptoms such as bone pain, headache, frequent coughing, etc., it should be reviewed in time, and the doctor will give countermeasures for these symptoms.

▌ Escape from social activities

 Hair loss caused by mastectomy or chemotherapy can easily cause breast cancer patients to feel low self-esteem or unwilling to contact other people, or even avoid social activities.

It is recommended that patients with this problem can take the following measures:

If the patient’s image has changed, he can choose to wear prosthetic breasts or wigs. Changing the image can bring confidence to himself.

Establish good family and social relationships, re-enter work, and do some simple and easy content, but still contribute.

 Participate in some outdoor activities. Maintaining exercise can prevent osteoporosis and obesity. Natural beauty makes people happy and comfortable.

These four “misunderstandings” above, do you understand? Breast cancer recovery is a long process.  Hope everyone will avoid falling into the “misunderstandings” of the recovery period and be smart patients.

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