May 30, 2023

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Chernobyl nuclear leakage: The great restoration of human immunity is amazing

Chernobyl nuclear leakage: The great restoration of human immunity is amazing



Chernobyl nuclear leakage: The great restoration of human immunity is amazing.  From the Chernobyl nuclear leak to cancer, the great restoration of human immunity is amazing! Immunotherapy helps.

In 1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exploded, which was the most tragic and serious nuclear disaster that mankind has ever faced.

The damage to the ecology caused by this disaster far exceeded the Fukushima nuclear leak in 2011. Since then, Chernobyl has been quarantined and turned into a no-man’s land.

Think about it, how long will the ecological damage caused by nuclear pollution last? Is it possible to recover? Expert answer: at least 20,000 years! Thirty years have passed since the incident, so what does Chernobyl look like today? Everyone guessed that it was a bleak wasteland.

▲Someone would guess that although the animals in the quarantine area are alive, they must be deformed

However, scientists found in this wasteland that a wolf wandered out of the quarantine area. After research, this wolf is no different from the wolf in the clean area.

Chernobyl nuclear leakage: The great restoration of human immunity is amazing

▲Stop pollution and give nature time, Chernobyl began to regain its vitality.

Everyone underestimated the ecological self-repair ability. This incident tells nuclear experts to have confidence in the power of the ecosystem to repair itself. At the same time, this incident also excites doctors: in fact, human life is like the ecology of nature.

It also has great self-repair capabilities. The fight against injury and disease ultimately depends on self-repair. Self-repair capability is the ultimate weapon for mankind to overcome disease. And this repair ability is also called human immunity.

Human immunity is a repair ability to fight diseases (including tumors). It also runs through the occurrence and development of tumors and the whole life process after tumor treatment.


01. Anti-cancer: immune cells go first

Under normal circumstances, for some changes in the body, such as aging, dead cells, and even some cancerous cells, the immune system will constantly monitor them, and will immediately kill them when they find abnormalities. This function is also called immune surveillance. Before the tumor occurs, hundreds of millions of immune cells in your body are maintaining your health and preventing the occurrence of tumors. Then you may be wondering why the human body has such a powerful immune system, why does cancer still occur?

When cancer occurs, there is a very important mechanism called immune escape. Immune cells pretend to be disguised. Immune cells don’t recognize this cancer cell anymore and regard it as a good friend. At this time, the cancer cell will continue to replicate and proliferate to form tumors, and eventually become a devil that deprives humans of life.

Studies have shown that tumors have an important relationship with the immune function of the body, and the occurrence of tumors is often accompanied by a decline in the immune function of patients. For example, patients with cervical cancer fight tumors mainly through two immune pathways, peripheral blood T lymphocytes and NK cells. Immune cells play an important role in the pathogenesis of cervical cancer [1].

Therefore, we boldly assume that the body maintains a strong immune system before the tumor occurs, so that cancer cells are not allowed to take advantage of it? Scientists thought of supplementing exogenous immune cells to improve the body’s immunity, increase the body’s anti-tumor ability, and play an anti-cancer and anti-cancer effect.

Chernobyl nuclear leakage: The great restoration of human immunity is amazing




02.  Immune cells in the body exacerbate the situation

Once the human body grows a tumor, the cancer cells become more cunning and continue to use the “disguise” trick. For example, the characteristics of cancer metastasis are often “soldiers and horses, food and grass go first.” Before lung cancer cells metastasize and migrate, some tumor-related cytokines are first transferred outside the lung tissue to “expand the territory” to instigate lung resistance. Tumor immune cells can also affect the vitality and quantity of human immune cells. At this time, it is difficult to defeat these cancer cells by relying solely on the human immune system.

At this time, the human body will use various methods to strangulate these cancer cells. In medicine, surgery is used to remove cancer tissue, and chemotherapy is used to destroy cancer cells hidden in other tissues. In fact, the purpose of doing this is to reduce the burden of tumors, so that the body’s immune system can play a role in defeating cancer.


▲Medical treatments actually create conditions for the self-repair of cancer



03.  Immunotherapy helps

Next, the human immunity plays a key role in determining the survival time of the tumor patient and determining whether to metastasize or relapse. If the patient also has strong human immune function, then his survival status will be more advantageous.

In order to help human immunity better overcome tumors, tumor immunotherapy methods came into being. In 2018, tumor immunotherapy won the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

At this stage, immune cell therapy has two major directions:

① Immune checkpoint inhibitor

The treatment principle of immune checkpoint inhibitors is to re-bright the eyes of immune cells, tear off the camouflage of cancer cells, and allow immune cells to recognize the enemy again. At this stage, immune checkpoint inhibitors have made phased progress in research and development. The K drugs, O drugs, and PD-1 monoclonal antibody drugs on the market are all immune checkpoint inhibitors.

②Immune cell therapy

With the development of medical technology, scientists have developed immune cell therapy methods-NK cell adoptive therapy, CAR-T therapy, CAR-NK therapy, etc. Scientists transplant healthy immune cells that have been specially processed and cultured and expanded in vitro into the human body to assist the human body in defeating tumors and preventing tumor metastasis and recurrence.


At present, there are two ways to source immune cells in vitro:

① Autoimmune cells

In the case of young and no major diseases, the healthy and vigorous immune cells can be stored, and when necessary, the number of autoimmune cells can be increased by in vitro culture and expansion, which can be used to improve sub-health, resist tumors, and delay senescence.

②Umbilical cord blood immune cells

Many studies have shown that there are abnormalities in immune cells in cancer patients. At this time, medical researchers will use umbilical cord blood-derived immune cells for treatment. In the Chinese Journal of Cancer Biotherapy, Chinese scholars discovered that NK cells derived from human umbilical cord blood can promote apoptosis of esophageal cancer cells in vitro [2].

In summary, whether it is anti-cancer or anti-cancer, human immunity has given us great confidence. We have reason to believe that the way to conquer cancer in the future will definitely occur in tumor immunotherapy. The cunning cancer cells will one day be completely taken down by the body’s immune system!


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