September 25, 2022

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The third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine: Final clinical trial results are released!

The third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine: Final clinical trial results are released!


The third mRNA COVID-19 vaccine: Final clinical trial results are released!   On June 30, 2021, German mRNA vaccine company CureVac announced its final clinical trial results. Its mRNA vaccine phase 2b/3 clinical trial HERALD study showed that the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine has only 48% protection against symptomatic COVID-19.

This is also the lowest protection among vaccines that have completed clinical trials.

The result immediately caused widespread media attention and reports, because it was another major blow to the European Union and developing countries’ vaccine supply.

At the same time, CureVac further analysis showed that:

  • Among the 18-60 year olds, the overall protection of the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine vaccine is 53%.
  • For the prevention of moderate and severe COVID-19 cases, the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine can provide 77% protection;
  • In addition, the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine has 100% protection to prevent hospitalization or death of infected persons.



Reasons for the poor protection of the CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine from CureVac in Germany

We have continuously analyzed this reason.

Mainly because CureVac uses an unmodified mRNA vector, while Pfizer and Moderna have extended 3’Poly(A) and modified mRNA with m1Ψ; these modifications not only determine the stability of the mRNA vector, but also determine its DC tropism and induced signals path. If the mRNA vector itself activates a strong TLR/RIG-I signal, its role is not a vector but an adjuvant, so a large number of vectors may be eliminated by the cell before expression.

Of course, CureVac emphasizes the mutant strain, which is indeed an important reason. However, both Pfizer and Moderna’s mRNA vaccines still remain effective against mutant strains, making CureVac’s reasoning untenable.
Reasons for the low protection of CureVac’s mRNA vaccine




Will Germany’s CureVac company’s CVnCoV COVID-19 vaccine be approved?

CureVac has made it clear that it will not seek US approval. In fact, the United States has no shortage of COVID-19 vaccines, and the possibility of approval is very slim.

But if in 2020, CureVac still has a chance. After all, Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine is only 66% protective against moderate and severe COVID-19, but it is still approved. The main reason is that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine only requires one dose and is easy to transport and store.

CureVac’s CVnCoV vaccine has the same advantages. It can be stored stably at 5 degrees Celsius and remains active for up to 3 months, and can be stored at room temperature for 24 hours.

This feature greatly reduces the storage and transportation requirements of the vaccine, which is very beneficial to its rapid promotion worldwide, especially in developing countries with poor conditions.

CureVac’s CVnCoV vaccine still has a chance to be approved by the European Union.

The EU has gradually reduced the application of AstraZeneca vaccines, but the current mRNA vaccines are clearly far from enough.

Even if the European Union approves the protein vaccine of Novavax in the United States, there is still more demand.

Therefore, as we said before, the CVnCoV COVID-19 mRNA vaccine has so many unique advantages that it is not only the developing countries that are looking forward to it, but the European Union has also ordered hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine; it should be rescued.


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