May 31, 2023

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Let cancer dormant permanently and become chronic diseases

Let cancer dormant permanently and become chronic diseases



Let cancer dormant permanently and become chronic diseases.  American scientists research breakthrough: cancer cells can’t be killed, try to dormant cancer cells permanently.

Many cancer patients have experienced a vicious cycle of relapse-treatment-relapse. Unfortunately, modern medical treatments still have great limitations on cancer.



Some treatments ended when the patient died, but the cancer cells were still alive

At present, cancer treatments are often aimed at killing cancer cells, and want to kill cancer cells, but often the patients are gone in the end, but the cancer cells are still alive. Why is it so? The big reason is that the main symptoms are not grasped in the treatment, and the result is naturally not ideal.

In addition to the current medical treatment, the treatment of cancer is still relatively limited. For example, local treatment is mainly surgery, mainly to remove the tumor directly. This type of treatment is usually the first choice for early cancer that does not invade normal tissues, but surgery It can only remove tumors that are visible to the naked eye, and cannot completely kill the cancer cells. The cancer cells can remain, laying a hidden danger for later recurrence.

For systemic treatments, such as chemotherapy, the idea of ​​combating cancer is to “kill it in one shot”. It is simple and crude. It kills all normal cells and cancer cells. It lacks specificity, so it is prone to hair loss, nausea, vomiting, and so on. Side effects such as bone marrow transplantation and hematopoietic cell suppression.

Therefore, in the treatment of cancer, the current treatment methods are still relatively limited! It may be necessary to adjust the traditional way of treating cancer, such as not focusing on killing cancer cells.



Latest research: Instead of killing cancer cells, let it actively dormant

Professor Christopher L Plaisier of the School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering at Arizona State University in the United States also has a similar view. He believes that all anti-cancer drugs currently used by us humans try to kill cancer cells. As a result, when the cancer cells are killed, the cells The debris will be released into the surrounding area of ​​the tumor, and the remaining cells will develop strong resistance to the drug. Therefore, he proposed that instead of killing cancer cells, it is better to actively let them dormant, so that the patient’s condition can be improved. Professor Christopher L Plaisier’s view is based on its publication in the journal Molecular Systems Biology in June this year.

Let cancer dormant permanently and become chronic diseases


Researchers have developed a new type of cell cycle classification tool “ccAF” based on single-cell RNA sequencing technology, so that they can better understand the cell cycle, and finally found that: under normal circumstances, cancer cells are in the G0/G1 phase of the cell cycle. As tumor aggressiveness increases, the number of cancer cells in this cycle decreases, and the G0 phase has nothing to do with tumor proliferation rate, cell division, and the speed of new cell proliferation. In other words, the results suggest that we can turn more cancer cells into a quiescent state (dormant), thereby reducing the aggressiveness of tumors.

It is believed that this new study found that in the treatment of cancer, it is expected to promote the development of new treatment strategies to better prevent tumor recurrence and metastasis.




5 behaviors that may “awaken” dormant cancer cells

Some cancers recur because the dormant cancer cells in the body are awakened. What is it that awakens the sleeping cancer cells? Maybe it is some of your daily life behaviors, such as:


1. Excessive pressure

If a person is under high pressure for a long time, it is easy to cause cancer to metastasize and spread. A study by Monash University in Australia found that pressure can increase the speed of cancer spread by 6 times, just like opening a “fast track” to cancer.


2. Long-term anxiety and depression

After you have cancer, most of you will have anxiety, fear, sadness, depression, panic and other emotions. Once something abnormal occurs, you will be worried about whether the cancer will recur. Studies have found that if people are in these negative emotional states for a long time, It is easy to cause neuroendocrine disorders, weaken the immune function, and is more conducive to the sudden proliferation of cancer cells.


3. Too much meat

Some people start to resume their previous diet after being discharged from the cancer treatment. They will eat some high-fat and high-cholesterol foods deliberately in order to supplement their nutrition and restore their weight. As everyone knows, this dietary behavior is likely to promote the recurrence of cancer cells. Transfer.


4. Drinking

If cancer patients do not control their mouths or drink alcohol recklessly, it is easy to cause cancer cells to grow and metastasize. Some laboratory studies have found that drinking alcohol can promote the growth and metastasis of transplanted tumors in mice. A study on breast cancer also showed the same argument, that cancer patients who drink alcohol make rapid clinical progress and have a short survival time.


5. Poor sleep quality

Relevant data shows that about 52.6%-67.4% of cancer patients in some countries have sleep disturbances of varying degrees, often manifesting as insomnia, dreaminess, and waking up at night, which directly affect immunity, which in turn affects the effect of treatment and improves The risk of cancer metastasis and recurrence.

Therefore, in order to prevent cancer from “coming back”, everyone must pay attention to avoiding the above five behaviors, and don’t “help” the recurrence of cancer!



How to prevent cancer recurrence?


1. Maintain a good mood

This is very important. Those who recover from cancer tend to have an optimistic attitude. It is recommended that cancer friends learn to communicate more with family, friends, and doctors. If there are things in their minds, they should be solved in time and don’t hold back. Exercise moderately. You can choose yoga, Tai Chi, swimming and other activities according to your own situation, and participate more at the same time. Group activities, don’t stay at home, otherwise it’s easy to think; you can do some things you like, listen to soothing music, watch inspirational and warm movies, etc., to make yourself more enjoyable.


2. Reasonable diet, strengthen nutrition

To prevent cancer from recurring, you must also work harder on your diet, pay attention to a balanced diet, and properly supplement your nutrition. You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and eat less high-fat and high-cholesterol foods, such as fried foods, beef and mutton, animal offal, etc. ; Preserved food (such as pickles, sauerkraut), processed meat (such as ham), etc. should also be eaten less; at the same time, stay away from tobacco and alcohol!


3. Strengthen the body’s immunity

This is also very important to prevent cancer recurrence, because only when the collective immune system is maintained to return to normal can it continue to “work” for us to actively kill or eliminate the spread of cancer cells to prevent recurrence, and we want to do this. One point, you must actively participate in physical exercises, pay attention to work and rest, and do not stay up late.

Summary: Cancer recurrence is very common and even inevitable in many cases. Therefore, we can only master some methods to reduce the probability of recurrence and metastasis. The methods have been introduced in more detail by everyone. You must remember to take action so as to reduce the chance of recurrence and metastasis. “Treatment” of tumors into chronic diseases


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