April 12, 2024

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US CDC issued a warning: “Delta variant” is as infectious as chickenpox

US CDC issued a warning: “Delta variant” is as infectious as chickenpox, and it can pass 9…

US CDC issued a warning: “Delta variant” is as infectious as chickenpox.  After being vaccinated, people‚Äôs risk of infection with the delta mutant strain is reduced by a factor of three, and the risk of severe illness or death is reduced by at least 10 times.

Based on CNN and National Broadcasting Corporation Financial Channel (CNBC) reports, according to the latest data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Friday, approximately 74% (346 cases) of the COVID-19 outbreak in Massachusetts were infected. Were vaccinated, 79% of these cases reported symptoms, and 4 of them ended up in hospital.

Gene sequencing revealed that they were infected with the delta mutant strain. The viral load of 127 fully vaccinated people was similar to that of 84 others who were unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, or whose vaccination status is unknown.

The latest CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report stated that the viral load in the nasal cavity of fully vaccinated infected people is as high as that of unvaccinated people. A high viral load indicates an increased risk of transmission, which means that the vaccinated person may continue to spread the virus to other people.

Previously, people who were infected with the virus but vaccinated were considered to have a low viral load and were unlikely to spread it to others. But the latest data shows that this is not the case with the Delta mutant strain.

According to CNBC reports, the CDC issued a severe warning against the Delta mutant strain in an internal document sent to the U.S. House of Representatives, stating that the delta mutant strain that has swept across the United States has spread in at least 132 countries/regions, and it is already the United States. The mainstream spread of the virus. It spreads more easily than the common cold virus, the 1918 flu, smallpox, Ebola virus, MERS and SARS.

It is as contagious as chickenpox, and its transmission window is longer than any other version of the mutant strain, and even if vaccinated, it may make the patient’s condition worse. Chickenpox is considered to be the most contagious common virus.

According to a report from the New York Times on the 30th, according to internal CDC documents they obtained, the delta mutant strain spreads quickly, and the basic infection number is R0, that is, the number of infections per infected person is as high as 8 to 9 people, and it is more likely to cause severe illness. .

The R0 value of the original strain of the new coronavirus is 2, which is equivalent to a common cold, but Delta
It’s almost like another brand new virus.

The director of the CDC acknowledged the media reports and stated that “the war epidemic situation in the United States has changed.”

The agency also explained in detail the scientific basis behind the revised mask guidelines earlier this week.
In short, the US CDC report concluded that the delta mutant strain is highly contagious, similar to varicella, and may cause more serious illness, and breakthrough infections may be as contagious as unvaccinated cases.

In breakthrough cases, the viral load in the vaccinated person may be as high as the unvaccinated person. More importantly, the Delta mutant strain has been present in the human body longer than any previous version of the mutant strain, which means that patients may be infectious for a longer period of time.

CDC said: “Therefore, although vaccination is being promoted, there will still be more breakthrough infections and more community transmission.”

However, the CDC still stated that the vast majority of infections occur in people who have not been vaccinated. They also pointed out that the vaccine is still effective, especially in preventing severe illness.

According to the CDC, after vaccination, people’s risk of infection with the delta mutant strain is reduced by three times, and the risk of severe illness or death is reduced by at least 10 times.

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