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What diseases or cancers can be detected by blood routine?

What diseases or cancers can be detected by blood routine?

What diseases or cancers can be detected by blood routine?  Can the blood test detect cancer? 1 index may be closely related to the tumor, don’t be careless.

In the hospital, whether it is internal medicine or surgery, almost all disciplines, blood routines are used, and we usually have fever, headaches, stomach pains, etc., doctors will also ask us to do blood routines first, so blood routines are a kind of Very powerful inspection.

What diseases or cancers can be detected by blood routine? 

What diseases can be detected by blood routine?

Blood routine is a basic examination to make judgments about blood-related diseases by observing the changes in the number and distribution of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and other cells in the blood. Therefore, it is a very important and very basic disease diagnosis basis. What diseases can usually be predicted by blood routine?

1. Abnormal white blood cells should be suspected of these diseases

White blood cells are an important indicator of the human immune system. When the indicator rises, it indicates that the body is in an inflammatory state, and it needs anti-inflammatory to suppress the outbreak of the disease. Abnormally elevated indicators can manifest different diseases, such as acute infection, acute poisoning, tissue damage or necrosis, acute hemorrhage, leukemia and so on.

2. Abnormal red blood cells should be suspected of these diseases

Red blood cells are an important index for judging the level of human health, including the number of red blood cells, the number of hemoglobin, and the hemoglobin contained in each red blood cell. Once the hemoglobin index is low, it indicates the possibility of anemia. Anemia can cause many diseases. First, it can cause ischemia and hypoxia of the whole body’s organs, and then lead to overload of the heart, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and decline of organ function.

3. Suspect these diseases for platelet abnormalities

Platelets are the body’s general stopper. Once the blood vessels are damaged, they will play the functions of stopping bleeding, clotting and repairing blood vessels. Once the platelet index is abnormal, coagulation dysfunction is likely to occur, which will cause internal bleeding in tissues and organs, which is very harmful to the human body.

In addition to these important blood routine indexes, other parameter abnormalities also need attention. Because the entire blood routine system is in a balanced relationship, once a group of cells has abnormalities, other cells will decrease in relation to it. Failure to pay attention to it will result in hematological malignancies.

Can blood tests detect cancer?

Routine blood examination mainly targets white blood cells, red blood cells, platelets and other cells for index examination, which is helpful to the detection of blood system-related cancers, but blood routine examinations cannot detect cancer because the various groups of cells in the blood are related to cancer. Not big, at most there is a screening of blood system-related tumors. Scientific investigation cannot be done for solid tumors.

However, physical diseases can be found in numerous signs through blood routines. This is because platelets are the active ones in the process of all tumors. Platelets are like the “radar” of malignant tumors. Clinically it has been shown that abnormal thrombocytosis is a sign of occult malignancies. About 140,000 thrombocythemia patients without inflammation or iron deficiency, nearly 40% have occult malignancies. Tumor.

Blood routine indicators fluctuate, don’t panic

However, routine blood tests are not so stable. Under different circumstances, various indicators will fluctuate to a certain extent. As long as they are within a reasonable range, there is no need to be too anxious. For example, the inspection time period has a certain impact on the index, and different testing machines will also have small interval fluctuations. Therefore, it is not possible to judge the disease based on blood routine examinations, and more targeted inspections are needed to troubleshoot.

New breakthrough: 50 types of cancer can be detected by blood test

On June 4 this year, a newest cancer screening test technology was launched-Galleri. Galleri is the world’s first multi-cancerous early detection product based on liquid detection. It can perform early screening for more than 50 cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, and head and neck cancer. The accuracy rate is as high as 96.3%, which is greatly improved. Cancer screening efficiency. This is the first breakthrough in liquid biopsy technology in the history of the medical community, and it is an important measure in the history of human cancer prevention.

Blood routine is the most common blood test method. Although the types of cells tested are relatively small, it has a subtle relationship with the health of the body. It is recommended to have a blood routine examination once a year after adulthood. People with weaker physical foundations can conduct blood routine tracking and inquiries every six months, and make the most scientific lifestyle adjustments under the advice of doctors. After all, health is everyone’s greatest wealth.

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