October 4, 2023

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Will the extremely toxic COVID-22 virus appear next year?

Will the extremely toxic COVID-22 virus appear next year?


Will the extremely toxic COVID-22 virus appear next year?  Experts refute it as misleading information. 

Recently, a Swiss expert said that a very dangerous new coronavirus COVID-22 will appear next year. It is more dangerous than COVID-19 Delta virus. Vaccine alone cannot control its spread. It will bring a further pandemic. Aroused intense discussions between the media and experts from all walks of life.

The confusion and fear caused by COVID-19 are far from over. As a result, there is another COVID-22? Where are COVID-20 and COVID-21?

Let’s review the naming process of COVID-19 first. The name of a virus originated from the International Committee for Classification of Viruses. Initially, this coronavirus was named SARS-CoV-2, but it is two different viruses from SARS. Later, the World Health Organization declared the disease caused by the virus to be COVID-19. COVID is a disease caused by a coronavirus, and “-19” is the year when it was first discovered, not the 19th virus.


Sai Reddy, associate professor of systems and synthetic immunology at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, coined the term COVID-22. He said that the COVID-19 virus is constantly mutating, creating a series of high-risk variants such as alpha, beta, and delta. Among them, the delta virus that caused the global pandemic this year should be named COVID-21. The COVID-19 virus will mutate in 2022. A virus that is more dangerous than COVID-19 has caused a super-spreading event and triggered a new round of pandemic. A vaccine alone cannot suppress its spread. Vaccine manufacturers must re-develop a vaccine that adapts to it. It should be named For COVID-22.


Will the extremely toxic COVID-22 virus appear next year?

Snapshot from ETH-Zurich website


COVID-22 has quickly become a hot topic of public opinion, but experts disagree with his naming method, calling it misleading information. William Schaffner, MD, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University, said that all mutated viruses of COVID-19 are named by Greek letters, not COVID-22. If COVID-22 is to be named, a new coronavirus needs to appear, and it is significantly different from COVID-19. Like a flu virus of a completely different nature, it may appear, but it is unpredictable.


Martin Blazer, MD, a medical expert at Rutgers University, said that new variants of COVID-19 will definitely appear next, which may be safer or more toxic; however, there will not be another disaster in next year or 10 years. Sexual brand new virus.


Obviously, experts disagree with this eye-catching naming method, but they did not deny that a more dangerous virus will emerge. Dr. Chris Smith from the University of Cambridge emphasized that every mutant virus spreads from a few cases in a certain corner of a city until it eclipses the entire world. Therefore, unless there is no epidemic in every corner of the world, this global pandemic is truly over. Before that, we need to continue to pay attention to the development of the epidemic. If, over time, the vaccine’s effectiveness against the virus declines until it loses immunity, all the work done so far will be destroyed.

The British Government’s Emergency Scientific Advisory Group also recently stated that there are already some virus variants showing reduced sensitivity to vaccines. Alpha, Beta, and Delta new coronavirus variants have appeared in countries with natural immunization strategies to prevent the epidemic. It is almost certain that they will choose a super-strong mutant virus that can invalidate existing vaccines.



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