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Sex may cause migraines for unexpected reasons?

Sex may cause migraines for unexpected reasons?

Sex may cause migraines for unexpected reasons?

Some people get headaches as soon as they have sex, and even become afraid of sex. In contrast, some people who suffer from migraine all year round can be relieved by sex. What are the connections between headaches, migraines, and sex?

Dr. Colleen Doherty, a member of the American College of Physicians and the Committee of the American Headache Society, wrote that there are many reasons that may cause headaches during sex.

The most common type is benign exercise headache, which results from rapid changes in blood pressure and blood flow during strenuous exercise.

There is also a headache during sexual intercourse, which only occurs during sexual activity. This situation is relatively rare, but it causes a lot of distress, and often makes the partner wonder whether it is an excuse to escape.

Sexual headaches can be divided into three types:

  • 78% of sexual intercourse headaches are of sudden-onset pattern, which occurs before, during, or immediately after orgasm. The symptoms of this headache are severe, usually manifested as throbbing, and the average duration of attacks can even reach several hours.
  • 22% of sexual intercourse headaches are manifested as subacute headaches. The location of the headache is generally in the back of the head, and it is a dull pain. Its onset is earlier than the orgasm, and its intensity increases continuously until it reaches the highest point at the orgasm. Nausea or vomiting is rarely caused by this headache.
  • The least common one is postural headache, which is about 1%. It often occurs in the lower part of the back of the head, and the pain is significantly worse when the patient is standing, and nausea and vomiting may occur.

Doherty said that although sexual intercourse headache is a kind of benign headache, the first thing to do is to make a diagnosis of exclusion, including CT, MRI, MRA, etc., to rule out some very serious or even life-threatening organic causes. Once diagnosed as benign, patients can take painkillers 1-2 hours before sex to avoid headaches. If it lasts for a long time, you can also take daily drugs to prevent it in advance.

Nausea and pain, dizziness and fatigue caused by headache attacks, as well as the prodromal symptoms of headaches such as photophobia, irritability, and muscle stiffness, can all lead to decreased libido, and headaches may also lead to avoidance of sex.

However, there are some migraine patients who can relieve pain through sex. A “Libido Scale” test showed that their libido scores were higher than those of other headache patients. In a 2013 study, 60% of migraine patients reported that their uncomfortable symptoms during sex were significantly reduced, and some even used sex as a treatment tool.

Expert analysis shows that patients with chronic migraine have low levels of serotonin, which is a hormone that regulates pain and mood, and its secretion can be increased through sex. Therefore, the physiological requirement of serotonin supplementation may be one of the reasons for the stronger libido in migraine patients.

In addition, vaginal stimulation during sex can also relieve headaches. It is possible that during sex, it stimulates and activates the nervous system related to childbirth.

In general, sexual desire and sexual satisfaction are affected by many factors, and there may be more than one factor at play. If sex causes headaches or migraine attacks, or as a result of sexual dysfunction or decreased libido, you must go to the hospital for an examination. There are a variety of medical and behavioral methods to solve these problems.



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