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Oscar actor suffering from throat cancer due to “oral sex”?

Oscar actor suffering from throat cancer due to “oral sex”?


Oscar actor suffering from throat cancer due to “oral sex”? 70% of laryngeal cancer is related to HPV. 


The actor of the first Ant-Man Hank Pym: Oscar actor Douglas was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2010.  His remarks caused an uproar. He blew himself up for oral sex for women and then contracted HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), which caused him to suffer from throat cancer. cancer.


This remark not only caused extensive discussion, but also caused dissatisfaction with Douglas’s wife, and eventually the marriage changed. Fortunately, after treatment, Douglas has achieved a clinical cure.

However, there are not many celebrities who have died of throat cancer. In 2020, the legendary “God of Guitar” Eddie Van Halen also died of throat cancer. None of them were as lucky as Douglas.



HPV infection has become a non-ignorable cause of oropharyngeal cancer

Laryngeal cancer is actually a tumor that occurs in the larynx. It is a type of head and neck cancer. It occurs mostly in middle-aged and elderly men. In recent years, a large number of throat cancer patients in the United States have been associated with HPV infection.


In January 2020, the “New England Journal of Medicine” published an article on laryngeal cancer, which mentioned that in the past ten years, more than 70% of oropharyngeal cancer patients in the United States were related to HPV, highlighting the positive effects of HPV. Become the new “culprit” of laryngeal cancer.



So, why does HPV infection cause laryngeal cancer?

The appearance of laryngeal cancer is closely related to lifestyle habits, especially the following three things.


Unclean sex

HPV infection has become a common cause of laryngeal cancer, because in HPV, HPV16 and HPV18 will change the nature of normal cells, and the cancer will cover the squamous epithelium, and the throat is also squamous, and the squamous epithelium It has a natural “affinity” for HPV. Therefore, HPV will induce laryngeal cancer. Among them, frequent oral sex will increase this probability.




According to statistics, the incidence of throat cancer in smokers is 6.35 times that of non-smokers, and the mortality rate of throat cancer in heavy smokers is 20 times that of non-smokers.

There are many carcinogens in cigarettes such as nicotine and benzopyrene. At the same time, the smoke inhaled can also cause irritation to the throat mucosa, leading to edema and bleeding of the larynx mucosa, and eventually leading to throat cancer. The occurrence of laryngeal cancer is indeed related.



Alcohol can cause direct irritation to the mucous membrane of the larynx. At the same time, drinking a lot of alcohol can also cause gastroesophageal reflux. The risk of throat cancer will be higher.

Therefore, it is very important to develop good living habits. At the same time, we must also learn to detect early signs of laryngeal cancer.



4 symptoms for no reason, which may be a sign of laryngeal cancer

When laryngeal cancer strikes, you can find “clues” through changes in your body. Once you find the following 4 symptoms, you should go to the hospital for examination immediately.

Long-term hoarseness

The hoarseness caused by pharyngitis lasts for a short time and usually recovers in about two weeks, while the hoarseness caused by laryngeal cancer is long-term and cannot be improved. In addition, it should be noted that the throat of patients with pre-laryngeal cancer The pain is not obvious.

Blood sputum

When laryngeal cancer has progressed to a certain level, blood sputum will also appear, and if the condition is more serious, it may also vomit blood.

Difficulty breathing

Because laryngeal cancer is cancer of the throat, there will be a foreign body sensation in the pharynx, causing breathing difficulties, especially when inhaling.

Long neck mass

When laryngeal cancer metastasizes, there will be a neck mass, which is a long neck mass. In the early stage, the mass is soft and can be pushed. In the late stage, the mass cannot move.


However, it is worth mentioning that compared with other cancers, the cure rate of laryngeal cancer is relatively high, especially the earlier the treatment, the better the effect.



Treat laryngeal cancer as soon as diagnosed

At present, the clinical methods of treating laryngeal cancer mainly include surgical treatment and radiotherapy. Doctors will choose a treatment plan according to the patient’s condition and tolerance.

Of course, like other cancers, the earlier the treatment of laryngeal cancer is, the better, because the prognosis of laryngeal cancer is directly related to the treatment time of the patient.

The cure rate of early laryngeal cancer can be as high as 90%, while the treatment rate for advanced laryngeal cancer is only 40%. In addition, the prognosis of advanced laryngeal cancer will have sequelae such as abnormal swallowing and abnormal pronunciation. The difference is very large.



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