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Will playing with a mobile phone in a dark environment cause cancer?

Will playing with a mobile phone in a dark environment cause cancer?


Will playing with a mobile phone in a dark environment cause cancer? Too much light at night may increase the risk of thyroid cancer.

This year, the “Cancer” magazine published a study involving 460,000 people and found that too much light at night may increase the risk of thyroid cancer, especially women.

In this study of 464,371 people with an average follow-up time of 12.8 years, the researchers found that the amount of exposure to light at night affects the risk of thyroid cancer.

The 20% of people who had the most exposure to light sources at night had a 55% higher risk of thyroid cancer than those who had the least exposure. And women are more likely to get cancer from the light source. However, male compatriots should not be happy too early. Research has found that the correlation is higher in men at later stages.


Will playing with a mobile phone in a dark environment cause cancer?


The claim that staying up late increases the incidence of cancer has been supported by research. At present, it is common for young people to stay up late, because it has become the norm to actively or passively stay up late when playing mobile phones, playing games, entertainment, etc.

Studies have shown that staying up late may increase the risk of cancer. Recently, researchers published their findings in the Journal of Pineal Research: “Night shift schedule causes circadian dysregulation of DNA repair genes and elevated DNA damage in humans.”

The study found that staying up late makes people prone to DNA damage and also reduces the repair efficiency of damaged DNA. This study shows that staying up late may be a cause of increased cancer risk.

Will playing with a mobile phone in a dark environment cause cancer?



What does night light mean

Common night lights such as small night lights at home, outdoor street lights and car lights, of course, the most important thing is our various electronic companions when we stay up late.

Various electronic products produce blue light, and blue light has an inhibitory effect on melatonin, an important hormone for our sleep regulation. Disorders of the circadian rhythm can affect the cardiovascular system, endocrine system, nervous system, and so on.


How to protect yourself

The most important point, put down your phone and iPad!

Turn off or reduce the use of electronic equipment as much as possible 1-1.5 hours before going to bed, which can not only avoid the harm caused by staying up late, but also avoid the harm of night care.

Secondly, you can draw curtains before going to bed to avoid interference from street lights or car lights. Night lights and desk lights can also be turned off as much as possible to save power and protect yourself.

It is best to check regularly, check the health of the body, check the symptoms of thyroid cancer, and be able to check and treat as soon as possible.


What other factors cause thyroid cancer


The cause of thyroid cancer is not yet fully understood. We all know that radiation can cause cancer. Except for the gonads, the thyroid is the most sensitive organ to radiation and is easily damaged by radiation.

Statistics from the WHO show that people living in nuclear accident areas are more likely to develop thyroid cancer than people in other areas.

Prolonged exposure to radiation will affect the normal function of thyroid cells and stimulate abnormal thyroid hormones, which will eventually lead to cancer.

In addition to the ionizing radiation mentioned above, some possible pathogenic factors can be inferred based on the differences in the distribution of thyroid cancer in regions, genders, and races.


The data shows that the incidence rate in coastal areas is at the highest level, suggesting that there is an association between environmental factors (such as diet) and the incidence of thyroid cancer;

As the incidence of women is higher than that of men, estrogen has become one of the key causes of thyroid cancer;

The difference in incidence among ethnic groups reflects that genetic factors play a certain role in the occurrence of thyroid cancer.

Iodine intake is too high or too low:

In population studies, there is a U-shaped curve between iodine intake and the risk of thyroid disease, that is, too high or too low iodine intake will increase the risk of thyroid disease.

Other studies have shown that long-term high or low intake of iodine can cause excessive secretion of thyroid-stimulating hormone by the pituitary gland, which can lead to significant proliferation of thyroid follicular epithelial cells, causing goiter, and finally mutated into thyroid cancer.

Excessive or low intake of iodine not only increases the risk of thyroid cancer, but also affects the pathological type of thyroid cancer. Studies have found that the incidence of papillary cancer increases in iodine-sufficient areas, while follicular cancer occurs in iodine-deficient areas The rate rises.



Many studies have shown that estrogen receptor (ER) is expressed in thyroid cancer tissues, estrogen itself may be a carcinogen, and the enhanced 2-hydroxylation reaction in its metabolism may be related to the occurrence of thyroid cancer.

In addition, estrogen can also enhance the adhesion, migration and invasion of thyroid cancer cells, and promote the metastasis of thyroid cancer. This also explains why estrogen promotes the development of thyroid cancer.


Genetic factors:

The ethnic difference in the incidence of thyroid cancer suggests the influence of genetic factors on thyroid cancer. Studies have shown that family history is a risk factor for thyroid cancer. About 5% of patients have a family history of the same type of thyroid cancer. Familial thyroid cancer has a worse prognosis than sporadic thyroid cancer.

If anyone in the family has thyroid cancer, be vigilant and get regular check-ups. If a thyroid tumor is found, it should be treated as soon as possible.


Through the above understanding of the distribution characteristics and risk factors of thyroid cancer, high-risk groups can be identified.


When there are uncomfortable symptoms or a history of thyroid cancer in the family, examination through professional equipment will help to determine the cause as soon as possible, and go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible, so that measures can be taken for treatment.


Tips from health experts:

  • Remember to have a regular life
  • Sleep on time
  • Don’t stay up often
  • Never smoke or drink

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