October 4, 2023

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Foreign body in Moderna COVID-19 vaccine was caused by “human error”

Foreign body in Moderna COVID-19 vaccine was caused by “human error”


Foreign body in Moderna COVID-19 vaccine was caused by “human error”

Japanese media: The foreign body of the American Moderna vaccine found in Japan was caused by “human error”, and stainless steel fragments were mixed in by contact with production plant parts.


[Global Network Report] Kyodo News, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s panel meeting on October 1 to discuss the adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccine received a report saying that the reason for the contamination of foreign matter in the vaccine produced by Moderna in the United States was human error.

The two stainless steel parts on the machine where the rubber stopper was added to the vaccine bottle by the Spanish production plant did not maintain proper spacing. The parts contacted each other and the stainless steel fragments were mixed in.


According to reports, the person in charge of Takeda Pharmaceutical Industry, who is responsible for the vaccine’s distribution business in Japan, reported the incident. Since there are foreign substances other than stainless steel, relevant parties will further investigate in detail.


Takeda Pharmaceutical also revealed that people who received batches of vaccines from the recalled batches reported suspected adverse reactions. In addition to 3 deaths, as of September 12, there were 43 reports. There is no significant difference in the number of reports from other batches, and most of them have improved significantly or recovered.


Kyodo News reported that around the three batches of vaccines that were the subject of recycling, three men died after being vaccinated. However, the group meeting held in September agreed that “the causal relationship between vaccination and vaccination could not be assessed”.


Some US Moderna vaccines in Japan’s COVID-19 vaccination venues were found to contain stainless steel impurities. The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan has recently suspended the administration of the vaccine involved. In addition, Kyodo News also mentioned that with regard to the vaccine produced by AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom, a Japanese man in his 40s had a thrombosis associated with thrombocytopenia that has been reported overseas.

Allegedly, the man was hospitalized and is in the process of recovering. This is the first report in Japan that an AstraZeneca-produced vaccine causes the symptoms, but the causal relationship with vaccination is considered “unassessable.”


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