December 8, 2023

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New COVID-19 variants in UK More contagious than Delta?

New COVID-19 variants in UK More contagious than Delta?


New COVID-19 variants in UK More contagious than Delta? The proportion of patients with a new virus variant in the UK rises, experts call for urgent attention.

After the new  COVID-19 virus  as the world’s mainstream communication Delta variant strains, the researchers noted that another sub-variant AY.4.2.

The Asian variant of the proportion of infected cases in the UK continue to rise, suspected Bideerta variant contagious.


Jeffrey Barrett, Director of the New Coronavirus Genome Project at the Wellcome Sanger Institute, University of Cambridge, and Francois Balloux, Director of the Institute of Genetics, University College London, stated that AY. The infectivity of 4.2 is 10% to 15% higher than that of the Delta variant.


According to a report in the Financial Times, Baruches was quoted as saying that AY.4.2 may be confirmed as the most contagious variant of the coronavirus since the outbreak, and may be promoted to the “variant under investigation”, which also means the world The health organization will name it with a Greek letter.


So far, the world has found 45 kinds associated with the Delta variants of the virus sub-variants , AY.4.2 is one of them. This subvariety contains two mutations, Y145H and A222V.


Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration Director Scott Gottlieb wrote on Twitter on October 17: “We need urgent research to determine whether this kind of’Delta+’ is more easily spread. Is there a partial immune escape.”

Cambridge’s Barrett added that related research is ongoing: “Although this (AY.4.2) may make the status quo more difficult, it alone does not explain why the number of cases in the UK has continued to rise recently.” Barrett It is also believed that the use of the term “delta+” will cause confusion and should be avoided.


Despite the high vaccination rate, the number of new cases per day in the UK continues to rise. On October 18, the United Kingdom reported that 49,156 people had tested positive for the virus, a record high since July. The average number of newly confirmed cases in the past seven days was 16% higher than the previous week.


Previously, there was another subtype of Delta variant called Delta+, which has spread to dozens of countries. It is a sub-variety of Delta variant first discovered in India. The main difference is the mutation named K417N. The Indian Ministry of Health cited research as saying that Delta+ is more transmissible than most of the COVID-19 variants, and is easier to bind to lung cells, and may be resistant to therapies used to treat the COVID-19.


The British public health policy modelling and analyst Colin Angus (Colin Angus) said that some subvariants of the new coronavirus alpha variant have also found K417N mutations, but they are less competitive than other new coronavirus variants.



New COVID-19 variants in UK More contagious than Delta?

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