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Is it necessary for patients with lung cancer to use thymosin?

Is it necessary for patients with lung cancer to use thymosin?


Is it necessary for patients with lung cancer to use thymosin, which is a popular tumor in the world? You’ll understand after reading this article!


Patients often ask whether lung cancer patients need to use thymosin drugs (thymosin/thymosin/thymopentin) to enhance their immunity?


Thymosin drugs, as adjuvant drugs to enhance immunity, have been controversial. One of the dispute points is how to use them to achieve the best effect. A previous study discussed the best way to use synthetic thymosin peptides. I believe it will be helpful to patients. Let’s take a look~


Lung cancer and thymosin


01.  Synthetic thymosin is used in combination with GP and NP chemotherapy regimens, which works best

This is a domestic meta-analysis study, which included 27 randomized controlled trials, including 1925 patients with non-small cell lung cancer. To confirm the clinical efficacy and safety of synthetic thymosin, and to determine the best use of the treatment plan.


Is it necessary for patients with lung cancer to use thymosin?

As shown in the figure above, this test compares the combined chemotherapy of the synthetic thymus group with the chemotherapy group alone. The chemotherapy regimens include GP (gemcitabine + cisplatin), NP (vinorelbine + cisplatin), EP (etoposide + cisplatin) And other common chemotherapy regimens.


In terms of clinical efficacy, compared with chemotherapy alone, synthetic thymosin combined with chemotherapy has an objective remission rate [1.28, (1.13 to 1.45)], disease control rate [1.10, (1.01 to 1.18)], and 1-year overall survival rate [1.43 , (1.15 to 1.78)] and the quality of life [2.05, (1.62, 2.60)] are significantly improved.


In terms of safety, compared with chemotherapy alone, the risk of neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and gastrointestinal reactions is reduced in patients who use synthetic thymosin in combination with chemotherapy.


In addition, the study believes that when synthetic thymosin is used in combination with GP chemotherapy (gemcitabine + cisplatin), or synthetic thymosin is used in combination with NP chemotherapy (vinorelbine + cisplatin), it will be treated twice a week and a course of treatment every three weeks. When used, synthetic thymosin will exert its best effect.


02. Effect of Thymosin α1 on Immune Function of Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer

In a study on lung cancer, 58 patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer were randomly divided into thymosin α (Zidaxian) + chemotherapy group and placebo group.


The results showed that after the treatment group used Ridaxian, the immune function indexes (CD3+, CD4+) were significantly increased compared with those before chemotherapy, and at the same time compared with the control group.


Summary: After the application of thymosin α1 (Ridaxian) treatment, a number of immunological indicators have been significantly improved, and it has a significant adjuvant therapy effect for chemotherapy of advanced non-small cell lung cancer.



Some suggestion for reference, please must let patient ask relative doctor for details before using it:

  1. If you are not sure whether your immunity is reduced, do not blindly use thymosin drugs. Patients can go to the hospital for blood routine, lymphocyte subgroups and other tests to comprehensively judge their immune function status;
  2. For patients with lung cancer during recovery period, it is recommended to inject twice a week during the season change of autumn and winter or winter and spring for a period of time to help improve immunity, prevent colds, and prevent recurrence or tension of the disease. Other time periods, such as It is not true that there is a weakened immune system, and it is not recommended to inject thymosin peptides to improve immunity.
  3. Tumor patients generally have low autoimmunity, coupled with the damage to the immune system caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy, clinicians generally recommend a combination of drug therapy and non-drug therapy.

In other words, the basic nutrient of the human body is protein. When tumor patients suffer from malnutrition, supplementation of thymosin alone cannot achieve the purpose of improving immunity. Therefore, it is necessary to implement nutritional support therapy and the joint assistance of thymosin to achieve the improvement of immunity. Purpose.


4. In addition, there are many related products at present, mainly including thymosin, thymopentin and thymosin. When considering this type of preparation, you should first go to the hospital to do a test of your own immunity level to understand whether there is severe nutrition. Bad metabolism disorder, and then medication.


5. Pay attention to the rationality of medication. It is not suitable to use over indications, over doses, and over treatment. It is necessary to pay special attention to the safety of medication and prepare emergency plans for adverse reactions such as allergies.


6. It is worth noting that thymus drugs can improve autoimmunity in a short period of time by stimulating the thymus, but they are only suitable for use in periods of low immunity. Long-term use will lead to the weakening of their own thymus function.


If you are a cancer patient and want to improve your immunity, but you are not sure whether you can use thymosin drugs, you should contact your doctor for this issue first.



Thymosin is not a drug in United States, but it has been used as an adjuvant therapy in many countries for more than 20 years in clinical applications. Because of its active ingredients, there are too many chemically synthesized products on the market at present. Make everyone fall into confusion. When buying or using any product, you must consult your clinician or nutritionist in the nutrition mall to get the best advice.


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