November 30, 2023

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British Parliament restores “Mask Mandatory Order” while MPs are exempted

British Parliament restores “Mask Mandatory Order” while MPs are exempted


British Parliament restores “Mask Mandatory Order” while MPs are exempted.

The British Parliament restores the “Mask Mandatory Order” to cause controversy: Employees must wear, members do not have to abide by.


According to British media reports, due to the COVID-19 epidemic in the United Kingdom once again intensified, the British Parliament recently restored the mandatory requirement for wearing masks indoors, but only for employees, members do not have to comply. This controversial policy immediately caused dissatisfaction among some employees and parliamentarians.


British Parliament restores "Mask Mandatory Order" while MPs are exempted


The British “Guardian” reported on the 26th that a memo from the British Parliament to employees stated that the change in the epidemic prevention policy was due to “the recent increase in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19s in the UK, and similar situations have also occurred in the Parliament.”

According to requirements, employees who refuse to wear masks will not be allowed to enter the parliament. In addition, people “should avoid all face-to-face meetings except for business needs” and “avoid sitting face-to-face in the work area to reduce close contact.”


However, members of the British Parliament do not need to comply with the same requirements. According to reports, in recent meetings of the House of Commons, many Conservative MPs huddled together without masks, while some Labour MPs were emphasizing the necessity of masks.

Regarding the exemption of parliamentarians, a parliamentary employee said: “It is ridiculous that parliamentarians can not comply with these regulations to protect everyone’s health.” Another employee complained that the problem was “very absurd and outrageous.” 


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