September 25, 2022

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Omicron: More countries are facing the fifth wave of COVID epidemic?

Omicron: More countries are facing the fifth wave of COVID epidemic?


Omicron: More countries are facing the fifth wave of COVID epidemic?


All classes are suspended! All “non-essential” public places are closed! The fifth wave of epidemic is coming? Netherlands is tightening its anti-epidemic policy! What’s more​London has entered a “major incident”.  emergency state!


London enters a “major event” emergency state! WHO makes important judgments 

On the 18th, the World Health Organization notified that 89 countries and regions around the world have reported infections with the COVID-19 variant strain Omicron . In areas where community transmission cases occur, Omicron spreads faster than the Delta strain.



Omicron: More countries are facing the fifth wave of COVID epidemic?
United Kingdom: The number of Omicron strain infections increases by more than 10,000.

On the 18th local time, data released by the British government showed that there were 90,418 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 pneumonia and 125 new deaths in the UK that day. Among the new cases, the number of cases infected with the Omicron strain exceeded 10,000 , reaching 10,059.

At present, the total number of infections with the Omicron strain in the UK has exceeded 20,000. In view of the rapid increase in the number of Omicron strain infections and the increasing number of hospitalizations, the Mayor of London announced that London has entered a state of emergency for a “major event”.



The number of hospitalized cases in multiple states and territories across the United States surges

As the delta strain continues to wreak havoc and the Omicron strain continues to spread, many core indicators of the COVID-19 pneumonia epidemic in the United States have risen rapidly in recent times, and the epidemic situation is not optimistic.

According to a report from the Washington Post on the 18th, in the seven days ending on the 17th, the number of hospitalized cases of COVID-19 pneumonia in many states and regions in the United States has increased to varying degrees.

Some experts worry that under the “fighting” of the two strains of Delta and Omicron, the United States’ already overwhelmed medical system is likely to collapse.



Faced with the threat of the fifth wave of the epidemic, the Netherlands will implement blockade measures on the 19th

On the evening of the 18th local time, the Dutch government announced that it would tighten epidemic prevention measures from 5 a.m. on the 19th, close non-essential public places, and advise people to reduce unnecessary travel and maintain social distancing.

According to statistics from the National Institute of Public Health and Environment of the Netherlands that day, in the past 24 hours, there were 14,616 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19 pneumonia nationwide. Prime Minister Rutte of the Dutch caretaker government stated that the Netherlands is ushering in the fifth wave of the epidemic.


According to the latest anti-epidemic regulations of the Dutch government, all “non-essential” public places such as bars, gyms, hairdressers, theaters, playgrounds, and zoos across the country will be closed .

Restaurants can only provide takeaway services, and Christmas markets will be cancelled everywhere. Supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations, etc. can be open until 8pm. All schools will be closed until January 9 next year.


This round of epidemic prevention measures is tentatively implemented until January 14 next year.

Before the government announced new anti-epidemic measures that day, residents of major cities in the Netherlands went to shops to buy daily necessities and holiday supplies, and there were long queues in many shopping places.



French Minister of Health: 10% of the newly confirmed cases may be caused by Omicron strain

According to the epidemic data released by the French health department on the 18th, in the past 24 hours, more than 58,000 new cases of COVID-19 pneumonia have been confirmed in France, and nearly 3,000 COVID-19 patients are currently receiving treatment in the intensive care unit.


In order to curb the epidemic, on the 18th local time, the French capital Paris announced the cancellation of celebrations such as the fireworks show that was originally scheduled to be held on the Champs Elysées on New Year’s Eve.

French Health Minister Véran said on the 18th that up to 10% of the newly confirmed cases in France may be caused by the Omicron strain.

This is the reason why the government plans to tighten epidemic prevention regulations in some places .



WHO: Omicron strain has appeared in 89 countries and regions

Omicron Spreads significantly faster than the Delta strain.

According to the WHO, as of December 16, the Omicron strain has appeared in 89 countries and regions around the world.

Existing evidence consistently shows that the Omicron strain has a significant growth advantage compared with the Delta strain. In countries and regions where community transmission has occurred, the spread of the Omicron strain has reached “a doubling of the number of cases in one and a half to three days.”

According to the WHO, Omicron has spread rapidly in countries and regions with a high proportion of vaccinated populations, but it is not clear whether this phenomenon is because this strain naturally has a stronger immune escape ability or a stronger infectious power, or Both. Based on available data, WHO predicts that the Omicron strain is likely to overtake the Delta strain in areas where community transmission occurs.

However, WHO said that as of now, information on the infectivity, pathogenicity, and the probability of developing severe illnesses of the new strain is still insufficient. “Data on the severity of clinical symptoms of Omicron strain are still limited. “.

In addition, more data is needed to determine the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing Omicron strain infection and severe illness.

The WHO warned that the number of people in the UK and South Africa hospitalized for infection with the Omicron strain continues to increase.

Taking into account the surge in cases in various places , “the medical system in many places may soon become overwhelmed . “







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