January 27, 2023

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The large amount of foam remaining in urine is a sign of uremia?

The large amount of foam remaining in urine is a sign of uremia?


Is the large amount of foam remaining in the original urine a sign of uremia? The nephrologist will tell you the answer this time

If there is a lot of foam in the urine, is it possible that it is a manifestation of uremia? Around us, these are just like our illnesses.  You must go for examinations.

However, urine routine is one of the three major clinical routine examinations, as an excrement examination. At the same time, the urine test can also reflect the therapeutic effect and prognosis of some diseases.


Through this examination, the corresponding symptoms can be judged. Kidney patients are very worried about the problem of urine protein, because many kidney diseases can have urine protein or foam in the early stage.

There are also many patients who question whether more foam means increased urine protein?

Will the condition get worse? Does more + sign mean that urine protein is aggravated? Waiting for a series of questions to rush to your face.


Urine protein is a common manifestation of kidney disease and one of the indicators that affect kidney function. Not only patients are concerned about urine protein, but doctors are also paying more attention.

Some doctors may think that urine protein is not important, so they don’t care, and they lack communication with the patient, which affects the patient’s mentality and causes the patient to be ignorant of their condition.

Regardless of the severity, every day I worry about whether urine protein will aggravate the disease. It is also because of these that it may also affect their disease aggravation.

The area of ​​psychological shadow deepens.


These questions focus on how the experts in the nephrology department answered them.




Is increased foaming a serious urine protein?


In fact, this is not exactly the case. Urine protein will produce a lot of bubbles, but these bubbles are not easy to dissipate. Foam in the urine is not necessarily proteinuria.

We need to see what the nature of the foam looks like. If the foam disappears quickly, it is not caused by protein.

If these bubbles float on the urine and will not disappear for a long time, consider proteinuria. In this case, you should go to the hospital to check your urine routine.



The “+” sign has gone up again. Is the urine protein more serious?

Many people usually take it for granted that the more plus signs, the more serious proteinuria is.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Because the urine protein test in the urine routine may be affected by some factors, such as the amount of water consumed, the amount of urine, and the amount of sweating.

If the urine protein appears with a + sign, it indicates that there is urine protein in the urine, but it cannot fully reflect the amount of urine protein.

There is an indicator that reflects the amount of urine protein, which is the 24-hour urine protein quantitative.


The majority of friends must understand these issues and avoid misunderstandings, especially for patients.

They must understand more and do not blindly guess, as this will affect the condition of the disease.




Is the large amount of foam remaining in the original urine a sign of uremia?

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