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The way to reverse aging: Persist in 8 weeks to control DNA methylation

The way to reverse aging: Persist in 8 weeks to control DNA methylation


The way to reverse aging: Persist in 8 weeks to control DNA methylation, 3 years younger.

If you ask the crowd out loud, “Are you willing to grow old?”, I think most people’s answer is not.

Yes, from sports and fitness, to health care products, to medical beauty, whether it is “actually” or “seemingly”, we have been doing everything we can to achieve the purpose of delaying aging.


Since the 1980s, people have begun to realize the need to find biomarkers that are more reliable than age to explain, slow down, stop or even reverse aging, so research targets such as mitochondrial enzymes, free radicals, and DNA repair mechanisms have emerged.

And DNA methylation is one of them. Among the more than 20 million methylation sites in humans, thousands of sites are closely related to age.


The way to reverse aging: Persist in 8 weeks to control DNA methylation

Diagram of the relationship between DNA methylation and youth and aging


So in 2013, the Horvath team discovered a way to estimate the age of tissues or organs by calculating DNA methylation-based age (DNA mAge) through the DNA methylation database, and DNAmAge is even more reliable than the actual age.

In the final analysis, if we can directly control the methylation level in the body, can it change DNAmAge and become younger?


In order to explore the best way to reverse aging, a multicenter team from North America conducted an 8-week trial2.

A total of 44 healthy men aged between 50-72 years were included in the trial.

All patients were randomly assigned to the intervention group and the control group.

Patients in the intervention group received intervention under the supervision of the investigator in terms of diet, sleep, exercise, and emotional management.



The intervention measures include:


Diet: Ensure the weekly intake of liver and eggs, as well as the daily intake of tea, vegetables, animal protein, low-sugar fruits and other foods. Do not eat from 7 pm to 7 am every day; stay away from sugar, grains, and dairy products


Up to now, although the relationship between diet and DNAmAge has not been fully elucidated, low-fat diet can appropriately reduce DNAmAge, so it is necessary to limit carbon water intake and light and appropriate fasting.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure a certain amount of nutrient intake, such as animal protein, betaine, vitamin C and A, curcumin, etc., which are the raw materials for DNA methylation and demethylation.


Nutritional supplements: designated brands of nutrients and probiotics


Lactic acid bacteria and fruit and vegetable powder can also provide raw materials for methylation; and can provide folic acid, which can also affect gene expression.

However, studies have confirmed that excessive folic acid and vitamin B12 can not only increase the risk of cancer and death, but also accelerate aging, so although folic acid and VB12 are raw materials for DNA methylation, participants in this study also need to avoid additional intake.


Exercise: Exercise at least 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, and the intensity is subject to 60-80% of your upper limit


As we all know, the benefits of exercise to human health are numerous. Several experiments conducted in female groups have shown that regular exercise can delay the age-related loss of DNA methylation.

But too much is too late. Studies have found that competitive athletes are at risk of accelerated aging due to methylation.


Sleep: Guarantee at least 7 hours of sleep a day


7 hours of sleep is currently considered the best sleep time. Although I can’t say that the longer the sleep, the slower the aging, but it is certain that not sleeping will definitely accelerate the aging of DNAmAge.


Stress management: perform breathing exercises twice a day for stress release


As social competition becomes more and more “rolled”, pressure becomes more and more inevitable, and this is one of the culprits that accelerate aging.

So go the other way, let the participants in the intervention group perform daily relaxation exercises to relieve stress and try to slow down aging.


The results of the study showed that, compared with the control group, the participants in the intervention group experienced a good lifestyle for 8 weeks, the average DNAmAge decreased by 3.23 years, and the DNAmAge of these 18 participants was compared with their own.

The average decline was 1.96 years . Successfully became younger. In other words, the researchers achieved the goal of reversing aging through strict lifestyle management of the participants.


The way to reverse aging: Persist in 8 weeks to control DNA methylation

DNAmAge levels in the control group and intervention group after 8 weeks


The way to reverse aging: Persist in 8 weeks to control DNA methylation

Comparison of the level of DNAmAge in the intervention group and itself after 8 weeks of intervention


At the same time, the methylation sites of the two groups, calculated according to Horwath’s clock, did not change significantly.

It should be noted that DNAmAge is determined by a part of the methylation sites that increase with age and the other part that decreases with age.

Therefore, the total number of DNA methylation sites has not changed, but DNAmAge has become “young”, which shows that the methylation sites have been redistributed, and DNA methylation and demethylation have played a role together.


In other words, blindly supplementing folic acid, vitamin B12 and other nutritional elements cannot achieve the purpose of reversing aging. It is necessary to control diet and improve lifestyle to achieve “younger and younger” at the genetic level .






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The way to reverse aging: Persist in 8 weeks to control DNA methylation

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