January 30, 2023

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Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot

Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot


Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot.

Many people are now beginning to take the booster shots of mRNA vaccines, and with it comes the “dangerous legends” of various third shots on the Internet.

The most outrageous thing is that some people talk about the sudden death of a relatively young person.

Some people’s first reaction was to ask “Did you get the third shot of COVID-19 vaccine?” Then the deceased was inexplicably killed by the third shot. 


Then this kind of unfounded speculation turned into the third deadly news, spreading in the circle of friends and chat records.


First of all, the logic of speculating on the death of the third dose itself is extremely absurd.

Not to mention many online rumors that no one has verified the specific facts-I have seen someone send an obituary, without mentioning the vaccination booster shot.

Suddenly a passerby said, “Is it because of the third shot?”, and in a blink of an eye This is a case of death by booster shot.


Even if a person tragically passed away after the booster shot, it cannot be said arbitrarily that he passed away because of the booster shot .


More than 60 million people in the United States have been vaccinated with booster shots.

No matter whether you have been vaccinated or not, if you follow 60 million people for a few days, someone will definitely die. This is inevitable. You are following people, not immortal monsters.

So many people must have died due to various reasons. Can it be said that the death was caused by the vaccine just because of the booster shot before death?


According to this logic, a cancer patient died. He had drunk water, instilled intravenous drips, and inhaled oxygen the day before. Did he drink water to death, transfusion, or breathe death?


Instead of listening to these inconsequential rumors, it is better to look at the actual tracking data of the third shot of the vaccine.

At an ACIP meeting before the CDC, the safety statistics of the United States after more than 20 million booster shots were shared.


The adverse reactions reported to the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) database in the United States are as follows:


Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot


There were 614 serious adverse reactions and 82 deaths. It should be noted that this is reported to VAERS after the third dose of vaccination, and does not mean that it is confirmed that it is caused by the vaccine.


A lot of 82 deaths, right? How many people does it correspond to? Correspondingly, 26 million people were vaccinated with the third shot in the United States.


To track so many people, how many deaths are expected? as follows:


Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot


Following 10 million people in just one day, 236.5 people may die . This is the background mortality rate, and you will encounter it if you get vaccinated or not.


Therefore, from the VAERS data, in the third shot, the death cases did not exceed the natural background mortality rate, that is, the vaccine did not cause additional death cases .

In addition, if you look at 82 deaths, many have enough information to determine the cause of death, such as myocardial infarction, stroke, pulmonary embolism, etc., which are common causes of death in the general population and have nothing to do with vaccination.

In other words, from a case-by-case perspective, most cases can also clarify the cause of death, and it has nothing to do with vaccines .


There are two serious adverse reactions known to mRNA vaccines, one is severe allergies. This is extremely rare, and allergies are allergies to specific ingredients in the vaccine.

Generally, it can be found in the first shot, so it will not be found in the third shot. The other is myocarditis and pericarditis.


Since the adverse reaction of myocarditis was discovered, various misunderstandings have been circulating on the Internet.

Some rumors have caused death by booster shots, and they say that it is caused by myocarditis.


The myocarditis of the mRNA vaccine is characteristic. For example , the second dose is concentrated in young men (mainly under 30 years of age), which occurs within one week after vaccination .

In addition, the currently observed myocarditis or pericarditis caused by vaccination are relatively mild .

The average length of hospital stay is 1-2 days, and most of them can fully recover without interventional treatment.


A total of 54 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis collected by VAERS in more than 26 million booster shots in the United States:


Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot


Note that there are 12 cases confirmed to be in line with vaccine-induced myocarditis. Ten of them are known to have been hospitalized, but all have been discharged. Rehabilitation has been reported in 8 cases, of which 6 cases were fully recovered.


Therefore, the spread of myocarditis on the Internet is all sorts of unspecified. In the actual tracking data, first, myocarditis is extremely rare (the incidence of the third dose now seems to be between the first and second doses), and second, it is still a relatively mild side effect.


Judging from real statistics, the safety of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine is very good , including the safety of the third shot.

There is absolutely no need for you to be misled by some online rumors.


Finally, to clarify that comfort and safety are often confused when discussing vaccine safety. Is vaccinating mRNA a “comfortable” process? Most likely not, pain at the injection site, fever, and fatigue, these are things that many people will encounter after being vaccinated.

Even the proportion of people unable to live and work a few days after vaccination is not low, and the same is true for the third shot, as follows:


Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot


According to CDC statistics, within a week after the third dose, the proportion of people who affect daily life, require leave or medical assistance, is generally close to 20%, and the first two doses of Pfizer and the third dose of Moderna even exceed 30%.


Many people feel that the side effects of mRNA vaccines are particularly serious because of this “discomfort”, and they are always worried that it is unsafe. However, this reflects a “comfort” issue, not a safety issue.

These discomforts are temporary and will be fully restored without causing long-term effects or physical harm to the body. For example, many people find coriander to taste strange and difficult to swallow.

It is uncomfortable for these people to eat coriander. But it does not mean that coriander is toxic to these people, and it will harm the body if eaten.


Why is the mRNA vaccine so uncomfortable? This is due to its high “reactogenicity” (reactogenicity) .

Is this a disadvantage? Yes, the reactogenicity is high, and the acceptance of the average person will be reduced, especially when the number of inoculations increases, the problem will be more obvious. But this is not a safety issue and should not be confused.


A large amount of data now shows that the mRNA vaccine is a very effective and safe vaccine among all new coronavirus vaccines.

The benefits of vaccination far outweigh the risks. In the face of severe immune escape Omicron, the third dose of mRNA vaccine has become very important for most people.


Rather than believing rumors on the Internet, it is better to refer health issues to professional institutions such as CDC and FDA.

In addition, there is no need to participate in the transmission of irrelevant rumors.

In particular, people who pass away unfortunately should be condemned and should not condone or even encourage the people and words who use other people’s misfortune to endorse their own prejudices.



Big data tells you the safety of COVID-19 booster shot

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