January 28, 2023

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“Female Jobs” advocating “blood test for cancer” may face 20 years in prison

“Female Jobs” advocating “blood test for cancer” may face 20 years in prison


“Female Jobs” advocating “blood test for cancer” may face 20 years in prison.

“Female Jobs” who advocated “blood test for cancer” was formally convicted and may face 20 years in prison.


According to the latest global cancer burden data released by the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2020, the number of new cancer cases worldwide in 2020 will reach 19.29 million, and cancer deaths will reach 9.96 million.


For cancer, early detection and early treatment can save the lives of cancer patients to the greatest extent.

If a variety of cancers can be diagnosed through simple blood tests, it will undoubtedly subvert the field of early cancer screening.


In 2003, Elizabeth Holmes , who was only 19 years old, dropped out of Stanford University and founded Theranos , a blood testing company .

Since then, the company has launched a small automated blood testing device that only requires a small amount of blood drawn through the fingertips to detect and diagnose data. Ten health conditions .


This “breakthrough innovation” caused a huge sensation in the entire liquid biopsy field. Coupled with the fact that people are accustomed to seeing young famous male business leaders such as Bill Gates, Jobs, Larry Page, Zuckerberg, etc., her appearance is undoubtedly a surprise. Her dazzling performance and dressing style are called ” female Steve Jobs ” by the outside world .


"Female Jobs" advocating "blood test for cancer" may face 20 years in prison


In 2015, it was the glorious pinnacle of Theranos founded by Elizabeth Holmes and her . Theranos was valued at a staggering 9 billion U.S. dollars this year. With a worth of 4.5 billion U.S. dollars, he himself was named the world’s youngest female billionaire by Forbes. , And was also selected by Time Magazine’s list of the 100 most influential people in 2015.


However, this glory did not last long. The Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou interviewed a large number of former employees of Theranos and compared their blood test results with professional medical testing institutions. He reported on the huge problems faced by Theranos’ blood test technology and pointed out that the company had inaccurate test results. A series of serious problems such as concealment of facts.


"Female Jobs" advocating "blood test for cancer" may face 20 years in prisonJohn Carreyrou



Elizabeth Holmes ‘s image of working hard for more than ten years collapsed overnight. He was subsequently charged with a huge amount of fraud involving a total of 700 million U.S. dollars.


On January 3, 2022, a jury in the San Jose Court of California found that Elizabeth Holmes was convicted of 4 counts of 11 conspiracy and fraud charges, all of which were the number of fraudulent investors between 2010 and 2015 One hundred million U.S. dollars.

Four counts of suspected of defrauding patients were found unfounded, and three counts of suspected of defrauding investors have not been ruled.


Elizabeth Holmes goes to court for trial


Because of these crimes, Elizabeth Holmes may face up to 20 years in prison. Some legal experts point out that the actual sentence may be shorter, and some legal experts predict that the sentence may be greater than 15 years.


John Carreyrou , the reporter who initially broke the Elizabeth Holmes fraud, also wrote the best-selling book ” Bad Blood “, and Hulu is currently developing a TV series of “Bad Blood”.

Netflix is ​​developing a movie version of “Bad Blood.” It is reported that Jennifer Lawrence (Jennifer Lawrence) will star in Elizabeth Holmes , and the director is Adam McKay (Adam McKay) who directed “Don’t Look Up .”





“Female Jobs” advocating “blood test for cancer” may face 20 years in prison

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