February 2, 2023

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WHO has listed “IHU” as a COVID-19 variant under surveillance (VUM)

WHO has listed “IHU” as a COVID-19 variant under surveillance (VUM)


WHO has listed “IHU” as a COVID-19 variant under surveillance (VUM).

France discovered a new variant of the COVID-19 strain “IHU”, WHO has listed it as a variant under observation


On January 5 local time, according to several French media reports, on December 9 last year, the Mediterranean Institute of Infectious Diseases Medical and Teaching in Marseille, France, stated to the public that a new mutant strain of the COVID-19 virus was discovered.

The strain number is B.1.640.2, also known as the “IHU” strain. This strain contains 46 mutation points and 37 deletions.


The strain was first discovered in a patient who returned to France from the Congo.

Up to now, 12 cases of infection with this strain have been detected by the Marseilles Mediterranean Infectious Disease Medical and Teaching Institute.

Due to the small number of samples, it is currently difficult to assess its infectiousness and risk. The World Health Organization has listed this strain as a COVID-19 variant under observation.


WHO has listed "IHU" as a COVID-19 variant under surveillance (VUM).


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According to today’s Russian TV (RT) report on the 4th, researchers reported that a new variant of the new coronavirus has been found in 12 patients in the same area in southeastern France.

At the same time, France is experiencing a new wave of a surge in COVID-19 infection cases as the Omicron variant sweeps across the European continent.


The strain, named B.1.640.2, is related to the B.1.640 lineage system listed as a “variant strain under surveillance” (VUM) by the World Health Organization (WHO) in November last year.

Scientists from the Institute of Infectious Diseases (IHU) of the Hospital of the Mediterranean University of Marseille in France published the findings on the medical preprint website medRxiv, which has not yet been peer reviewed.


The first known patient was a vaccinated adult who returned to a village in France after traveling in Cameroon and showed mild respiratory symptoms the day before the diagnosis.


According to the researchers, genome analysis revealed that this new mutant strain carries a total of 46 mutations, slightly lower than the 50 mutations in Omicron.

They wrote: “It is too early to speculate on the virological, epidemiological or clinical characteristics of this variant based on these 12 cases.”


“In general, these observations once again show the emergence of new variants of the new coronavirus and the unpredictability of its import from abroad, and at the same time prove that it is difficult to control this import and subsequent spread.” The researchers wrote road.


Scientists around the world have been highly vigilant about new mutations of the new coronavirus, because it may produce new strains that are more infectious and vaccine resistant.


In November last year, the World Health Organization listed Omicron as a “variant strain of concern” (VOC).

The emergence of Omicron prompted many countries to close their borders and tighten other anti-epidemic measures.



WHO Director-General Tan Desai warned last week: “As this pandemic continues, new variants may evade our response and become completely resistant to current vaccines or past infections, so It is necessary to adjust the vaccine.”





WHO has listed “IHU” as a COVID-19 variant under surveillance (VUM)

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