January 28, 2023

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Prices of more than 400 drugs have been raised in 2022

Prices of more than 400 drugs have been raised in 2022. 

Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Teva lead the rise in prices of more than 400 drugs in 2022. 

Within one week of the new calendar in 2022, major pharmaceutical companies quickly implemented price increases on more than 400 drugs.

According to research firm 46brooklyn, prices of 460 different drugs have increased in January this year.

GoodRX, a prescription drug price comparison platform, also reported that major drugmakers have increased the prices of 434 brand-name drugs by an average of 5.2%.

Among them, the three representative companies that have increased significantly are Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline and Texan. watt.

Prices of more than 400 drugs have been raised in 2022

Pfizer’s price increase is the largest of all companies.

The company has increased the price tags of nearly 100 drugs, ranging from a 0.5% increase in the price of the insomnia drug Halcion to a 16.8% increase in the price of the immune drug Solu-Cortef. At the same time, Pfizer also increased the cost of pneumococcal injections Prevnar 13 and Prevnar 20 by 6.5% and 6.6%, respectively.

In addition, the company also increased the prices of other drugs by about 10%, including antibiotic Bicillin CR, chemotherapy Camptosar, estrogen replacement therapy Depo-Estradiol and anticoagulant Fragmin.

A Pfizer spokesperson said that it is necessary to increase drug prices moderately.

Increased prices can support R&D investment so that Pfizer can continue to discover new drugs and provide these R&D breakthroughs to patients who need them.

GlaxoSmithKline and Teva Pharmaceuticals respectively increased the prices of more than 30 products.

According to GoodRx data, the price increase of more than 20 drugs by the generic drug giant Teva was much higher than the industry average, with an increase of 9.4%.

GlaxoSmithKline’s increase in drug prices also varies from 2% to 7%.

The French drugmaker Sanofi has increased the list prices of 13 drugs, ranging from a 2.4% increase in the price of the combined diphtheria and tetanus vaccine Pentacel, to a 5.2% increase in the price of meningococcal vaccines Menactra and Menquadfi and TyphimVi for the prevention of typhoid fever.

At the same time, Gilead also increased the prices of 11 drugs by 5.6%.

A spokesperson for the company pointed out that although the list price has risen slightly, Gilead will pass rebates and other discount programs.

In fact, the net cost of the drug is expected to continue to fall.

Among more than 400 drugs with price increases, Pfizer’s Solu-Cortef was the drug with the largest price increase.

Pfizer raised the price of the drug by a staggering 16.8%, followed by Exeltis contraceptive Tyblume, whose price rose by 15.8%. . Leadiant Biosciences cancer drug Matulane rose 15% on January 1.

Drugs with the same level of gains also include Collegium Pharmaceutical painkillers Nucynta and NucyntaEr.

It is worth noting that Novartis only increased the prices of Simbrinza, Signifor and SigniforLar by 5.3%, 5% and 5% respectively, which is basically the same as the current industry average increase level.

Piper Sandler analysts said in a recent report that although the price increase of biopharmaceuticals within the week of the new year “seems to be more aggressive than in the past few years,” it may also mean that “the increase in mid-to-late 2022 will be relatively moderate.”

The reason for this is that most pharmaceutical companies tend to increase drug prices at the beginning of January.

Therefore, more drug price increases are more likely to be observed at the beginning of the year, and further price increases in the drug market usually occur in the middle of the year. It will be carried out around June.

From a preliminary analysis of data in 2022, so far, the average increase in drug prices in January 2022 is still lower than the price increase of 589 drugs reported by GoodRx in early 2021, with an average increase of 4.2%.

The data for the first week of the new year in 2022 is closer to 2020. At that time, the prices of 463 drugs rose before January 3.

Therefore, analysts predict that the number and rate of drug increases in January this year may continue over time. rising.


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Prices of more than 400 drugs have been raised in 2022

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