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Polish president Re-Infected with COVID-19 even receiving booster shot

Polish president Re-Infected with COVID-19 even receiving booster shot


Polish president Re-Infected with COVID-19 even receiving booster shot. 

After the Polish president recovered from the COVID-19 last year, he was diagnosed again this year and has been vaccinated with a booster shot.

Polish President Andrzej Duda (49 years old), who was diagnosed with the new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19) in October 2020, has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus again recently.

It is reported that President Duda has received two doses of vaccines,  and he also has received a third dose (booster shot). 


According to CNN and other foreign media reports, on the 5th local time, the Polish President’s Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that “the President has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and has begun self-isolation.”

The Polish Secretary of State Christopher (Christopher) said via Twitter that “the president is currently in good condition and has no serious symptoms and is actively receiving treatment.”


President Duda completed the first and second doses of vaccination in April and June last year, respectively, and the third dose of COVID-19 vaccine was received on December 17 last year.


In addition, Swedish King Carl Gustaf (75 years old) and Queen Silvia (78 years old) who have also received the third shot of the vaccine have also been diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia.

The Swedish royal family stated that “the king and his wife have mild symptoms and are currently in good physical condition.”




Related News on Oct 24, 2020

Warsaw News, on October 24, Polish Presidential Spokesman Spejalski said on the 24th that President Duda was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus, but he feels good at the moment.


Speharski tweeted that morning, “President Andrzej Duda tested positive for the COVID-19 yesterday according to recommendations. The president feels good at the moment.”


The Director of the General Office of the Presidential Palace of Poland Szczerski then stated that the Presidential Palace will carry out relevant work in accordance with the epidemic prevention regulations and may draw up a list of contacts with the President.


Polish Prime Minister Morawiecki announced on the 23rd that in response to the increasingly serious epidemic, stricter epidemic prevention measures will be implemented across the country from the 24th, including restaurants and bars no longer accepting dine-in meals, and remote teaching in some grades of schools.


The Polish Ministry of Health said on the 23rd that there were 13,632 newly confirmed cases nationwide in the past 24 hours, the highest record since the outbreak. As of the 23rd, Poland has confirmed a total of 228,318 cases and 4172 deaths.








Polish president Re-Infected with COVID-19 even receiving booster shot

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