January 27, 2023

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The sequence of Deltacron seems contaminated: It comes from the lab?

Deltacron were leaked from lab because its sequence seems contaminated?


The sequence of Deltacron seems contaminated: It comes from the lab?  British virologist: Deltacron looks like the sequence is contaminated…

According to the “Cyprus Post” report, on January 8, local time, Cypriot scientists announced that a new mutant strain of the new coronavirus had been discovered in the local community. The strain was a recombinant of Delta and Omicron .

Subsequently, Michalis Hadjipantelas, Minister of Health of the Republic of Cyprus, said: “We are proud of this discovery by our country’s scientists.”

Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the National Covid-19 Epidemic of Cyprus and Director of the Laboratory of Biotechnology and Molecular Virology at the University of Cyprus, said that the new mutant strain found in the local community is a recombinant of Delta and Omicron.

Some mutations of the two mutant strains have the same genetic background: the gene sequence is closer to Delta, but there are a lot of unique mutations of Omicron . Therefore, they named it ” Deltacron ” .



The sequence of Deltacron seems contaminated: It comes from the lab? Leontios Kostrikis ( from cyprusmail)


In an interview with local media, Kostrikis explained: “We found a large number of mutations that were previously only found in Omicron.

This is different from other variants because it has 30 mutations. In these samples collected in Cyprus We found 10 of these mutations.”

At present, a total of 25 samples of Cyprus have found the “Deltacron” mutant strain, 11 of which are from hospitalized patients with COVID-19 pneumonia.

Kostrikis said that the mutation rate in hospitalized patients is higher, which may mean that “Deltacron” will lead to a higher risk of hospitalization.

He added: “It is very likely that this specific variant has not been discovered elsewhere in the world, so our discovery may arouse global interest. We have uploaded the sequence of these 25 samples to the GISAID database, which will enable The global scientific community can study them.”

Kostrikis said that it is too early to predict whether “Deltacron” will overwhelm Delta and Omicron.

On January 9, local time, the “Cyprus Post” reported an update. Thomas Peacock, a virologist from the COVID-19 Epidemic Response Expert Group at Imperial College London , said that the “Deltacron” mutant strain discovered by Cyprus researchers was very high. It may be because the sequence is contaminated.

The sequence of Deltacron seems contaminated: It comes from the lab? 


Peacock gave a technical explanation for the above problem in a Twitter post. He said: “The real recombinants often only appear after the two viruses coexist in large numbers for several weeks or even months; and we discovered that Omicron only took a few weeks. I really doubt whether there will be an epidemic. Reorganization …”

He pointed out that the “Deltacron” sequence in Cyprus reported by several large media outlets appeared to be clearly contaminated.

Peacock said there have been many reports that the Omicron sequence carries delta-like mutations, such as P681R or L452R.

Although some of them may be true, most of them are likely to be contaminated or co-infected.
“So far, there is no clear indication that something annoying is happening.” He added.

Peacock said: “In order to confirm that a recombinant strain like’Deltacron’ is real, multiple sequencing laboratories need to independently find the same recombinant or homoplasmic body.

Ideally, you should also check the original sequence. File, and it shows that there are no mixed bases.”

Peacock believes that there are two reasons for this situation now. One is that there are a large number of Delta and Omicron coexist in the same area; the second is that some old sequencing primer sets are not efficient in extracting Omicron components. Therefore, the low-level pollution Delta strain was selected. Collect sexually.

Peacock concluded: “Finally, it is worth adding that we have understood a lot of the factors that make Delta mutant strains more infectious, and Omicron has these abilities, but I still don’t know What Omicron can get from Delta.”

In addition, Greek virologist Dr. Gkikas Magiorkinis and members of the Greek scientific team also expressed their views.

They posted on Facebook: “ As for the recent hearing of the’Deltacron’ in Cyprus, our first independent analysis showed that this It is a technical error in the laboratory’s process of reading the genome. “





The sequence of Deltacron seems contaminated: It comes from the lab?

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