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Altos Labs: $3 Billion investment to study how to reverse aging and prolong life

Altos Labs: $3 Billion investment to study how to reverse aging and prolong life


Altos Labs: $3 Billion investment to study how to reverse aging and prolong life.

$3 billion! The world’s richest man invests, 4 Nobel Prize winners join, this new company wants to study “immortality”

It is said that ” the dream of young people is to become rich, and the dream of rich people is to become young “. If you have a huge wealth of 200 billion US dollars like Bezos , will you dream of becoming young like him?


In October 2020, billionaire Yuri Milner held a two-day scientific conference in his mansion in Los Altos Hills, California, USA, which invited a large number of scientists to participate. The theme of the conference was: How to use biological Technology makes people younger .


As a direct result of this meeting, an anti-aging company called Altos Labs was born, which plans to use biological reprogramming technology to reverse aging and prolong life in cells, animals, and even humans.


A few days ago, a number of technology media reported that Altos Labs stepped out of stealth mode with a huge financing of $3 billion , which is also the largest financing in the life sciences field.


In addition to huge financing, Altos Labs has a super strong lineup. Hal Barron , the current chief scientist and R&D president of pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) , will be the CEO of Altos Labs in August this year.

Former director of the National Cancer Institute, famous Rick Klausner , founder of cell therapy company Juno Therapeutics and early cancer screening company GRAIL, will serve as chief scientist, Juno Therapeutics and former GRAIL CEO Hans Bishop will serve as president, and former Genentech senior vice president Ann Lee-Karlon will serve as chief operating officer.


Altos Labs: $3 Billion investment to study how to reverse aging and prolong life


The lineup of scientists at Altos Labs is equally dazzling. Four Nobel Prize winners have joined so far, namely Professor David Baltimore , winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1975(for the discovery of reverse transcriptase ), and Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine in 2012. LaureateProf.

Shinya Yamanaka (for iPS technology), 2018 Nobel Laureate in ChemistryProf. Frances Arnold (for research on directed evolution of enzymes ), 2020 Nobel Laureate in ChemistryProf. Jennifer Doudna (for CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing) award for technology).


Altos Labs: $3 Billion investment to study how to reverse aging and prolong life


The company has been incorporated in the United States and the United Kingdom in 2020, and has established research institutes in the San Francisco Bay Area, San Diego, and Cambridge, United Kingdom, and will carry out important cooperation in Japan.



The director of the San Francisco Bay Area Institute of Science is Professor Peter Walter . He is an authoritative expert on the cellular unfolded protein response.

He has won the Lasker Prize in 2014 and the Scientific Breakthrough Prize in 2018, and is also a popular candidate for the Nobel Prize.


The director of the San Diego Institute of Science is Professor Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte . He is a well-known scholar in the field of cellular aging and tissue and organ regeneration, and a professor at the Salk Institute, the world’s top scientific research institution.


The director of the Cambridge Institute of Science is Professor Wolf Reik , an authoritative expert in the field of cellular epigenetic reprogramming and cellular aging , and the director of the Babraham Institute at the University of Cambridge, UK.


Thore Graepel , the former head of science at Google DeepMind and co-inventor of AlphaGO , has also joined Altos Labs to work on computational science, artificial intelligence and machine learning.


In addition, dozens of well-known scholars in the field of anti-aging, including Professor Steve Horvath , a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, the inventor of the first epigenetic clock, and the leader of several human anti-aging clinical trials, joined the team.


The newly established company has quickly attracted dozens of famous scholars to join, on the one hand, the high salary of more than $1 million per year plus equity, on the other hand, it promises that scientists can conduct unfettered research in the field of cellular aging and reversal of aging. Research without worrying about funding.


For example, Professor Manuel Serrano of the Institute of Biomedical Sciences in Barcelona, Spain , said that Altos Labs pays him 5-10 times his current salary, and encourages curiosity-driven research.

After joining, he can do the research he likes and freely Dare to try and explore, which will make your research career full of vitality.


The $3 billion investor has not been fully disclosed, but known investors include Amazon founder and the world’s richest man Bezos , as well as Yuri Milner .

It also includes a number of other tech billionaires and venture capitalists.



Bezos has always been keen to invest in anti-aging tech companies, having previously invested in Unity Biotechnology , which revolves around the development of Senolytics , a drug combination that selectively kills senescent cells .

Yuri Milner was born in Russia and made his fortune from early investments in Internet companies such as Facebook. He has since founded the Scientific Breakthrough Prize , an annual award of up to $ 3 million to outstanding biologists, physicists and mathematicians around the world .


Altos Labs ‘ long-term plan is to rejuvenate cells through biological reprogramming technology, and then expand to animals and even humans, and ultimately achieve the ideal of extending human lifespan.

Rejuvenating cells is not impossible at present, and extending human lifespan and reversing aging is still far away.


But Altos Labs also said that the company’s short-term goals do not include profitability, and it will now focus on making breakthroughs in science.

Reversing the disease and aging processes that lead to injury and disability by deciphering the mysteries of cell regeneration to create an entirely new medical approach to safely and efficiently reprogram cells, opening up new prospects for future medicine.




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Altos Labs: $3 Billion investment to study how to reverse aging and prolong life

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