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A new variant of Omicron: VUI (BA.2) has been found

A new variant of Omicron: VUI (BA.2) has been found


A new variant of Omicron: VUI (BA.2) has been found. 

A new variant of Omicron has appeared again, with stronger concealment, known as the “stealth version of Omicron”


A “mutated” version of the new coronavirus mutant Omicron has appeared again?

According to the report on January 25, several subtype strains of Omicron have been found, and one of the variants called BA.2 is causing a surge in COVID-19 cases in the United States and around the world.



A new variant of Omicron: VUI (BA.2)  has been foundA man in Kathmandu is undergoing nucleic acid testing. Source: Al Jazeera



On November 24 last year, scientists in South Africa first discovered a new variant of the new coronavirus, Omicron, and virologists called the originally discovered Omicron variant BA.1.


In previous months, it was found that most of the new infections were BA.1.


But in December last year, the British government said it had discovered a new mutant strain, tentatively dubbing it “VUI”. On January 21, local time, the British Health and Safety Agency announced that “VUI” was a variant strain of the Omicron subtype BA.2.


The earliest known case of BA.2 so far dates back to December 6, 2021, but the exact source cannot be determined.


According to reports, cases of BA.2 infection have appeared in Asia and Europe such as India, Denmark, and the United Kingdom. As of January 21, 426 cases in the UK were found to have been infected with BA.2. As of January 24, Denmark said 65% of new cases were from BA.2.


The United States also currently has three confirmed cases of infection as BA.2.


Early research showed that BA.2 has a higher number of mutations than BA.1, so it may be more infectious. Moreover, BA.2 is quite stealthy, and some researchers once called it the “stealth version of the Omicron strain”.


On January 24, the World Health Organization called for research into a new variant of Omicron, BA.2.


At present, Danish researchers say they have discovered the latest progress in BA.2 research, and there is currently no evidence that BA.2 is more toxic. Although BA.2 has a higher number of mutations, it is not more contagious.


A new variant of Omicron: VUI (BA.2) has been found

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