December 8, 2023

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Australia reopens to travelers with COVID-19 vaccination

Australia reopens to travelers with COVID-19 vaccination 


Australia reopens to travelers with COVID-19 vaccination 

With the exception of Western Australia, the rest of Australia’s states have reopened to foreign travelers who have completed the full course of vaccination against the COVID-19 since the 21st.

This is the first time Australia has reopened its doors after about two years of border control due to the COVID-19 epidemic.


According to Agence France-Presse, a Qantas flight from Los Angeles, the United States, landed in Sydney, Australia’s largest city, on the 21st, bringing the first foreign passengers.


On the first day of border reopening, 56 international flights will arrive in Australia, 27 of which will land in Sydney. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told media reporters in Tasmania, which relies on tourism on the 21st , I’ve been looking forward to this day.”




Qantas expects more than 14,000 passengers to arrive in Australia this week.


In order to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic, Australia has implemented strict border control since March 2020, most of the inbound and outbound flights have been suspended, and only a small number of foreign visitors with special permits are allowed to enter.


According to data from the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the epidemic prevention and control policy, Australian companies have lost about 3.6 billion Australian dollars  per month, of which the tourism industry has been hit particularly hard. Tourism is one of Australia’s largest industries, employing about 5% of the country’s workforce.


The Australian government has been phasing out entry restrictions over the past few months in a bid to boost the economy amid high vaccination rates. However, with the spread of the mutated new coronavirus Omicron strain, the outbreak in Australia deteriorated sharply for a time.


According to Reuters, Australia appears to have passed the peak of the outbreak brought about by the Omicron strain, with the number of COVID-19 hospitalizations falling steadily over the past three weeks.




Australia reopens to travelers with COVID-19 vaccination 

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